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Brume window film

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Aitch2oh Sat 30-May-15 10:34:35

Five years ago I put up a lovely Brume window film on my kitchen door. Now I have decided to change it but I cannot get the old one off.

Bad news is that I have had a go at it and so have others and it looks so bad half on and half off.

I tried contacting Brume but got ignored.

Any ideas anyone?

wowfudge Sun 31-May-15 05:59:32

No experience of doing this, but have you tried googling and looking on YouTube? If half of it is off then you are getting there, but I imagine it is rather tedious and time consuming.

Aitch2oh Mon 01-Jun-15 09:24:44

Thank you for your reply wowfudge. Yes I have tried those things and a friend in the USA looked on some sites for me and said the only practical suggestion was the get the glass replaced! My house-help and I are pulling it bit by bit. Never again.

Lovage Mon 01-Jun-15 14:45:40

OT, but apart from wanting a change, have you been happy with it? We were thinking of putting it on and have some samples from Brume. Thx!

Aitch2oh Wed 10-Jun-15 10:48:40

I wrote to Brume and got a written reply in the shape of their new instructions leaflet.

First tried warming the film whilst my cleaner pulled and pulled and the film came of but left the glue behind and that was a real pigs ear to deal with.

On the second window tried another recommended method that meant me sponging the film with very warm water whilst Denka pulled and this time the film came off pretty easily WITH GLUE. We did have to keep the film very warm and it still took some strength to do it. We both got wet!

Now getting the old film off is finally done I will say, in answer to Lovage, that I do like this way of decorating a window and that Brume films do what it says on the tin with regard to privacy etc. and they do look good for years.

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