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Are you pleased with your oven? What make is it,how long have you had it?

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Walnutpie Thu 28-May-15 23:48:48

..and how much did it cost?

Reliable and efficient oven being sought, your experience much valued on this quest!

suze28 Fri 29-May-15 00:12:39

I've had my Siemens single oven for around nine years and am still delighted with it. It has a pyrolytic function so cleans itself. In the photo the oven is the one below. Upper oven is a Siemens compact oven with microwave facility. That's excellent too and we bought it last August when we had a new kitchen.
The single oven cost us around £800 and the compact oven was around £600.

fussychica Fri 29-May-15 10:20:27

I've had my AEG fan oven about 6 years, delighted with it. Just had a new kitchen fitted but didn't get a new oven as existing one still looks perfect. Cant remember how much it cost, probably about £350 but bought it in euros in Spain and brought it back when we returned to uk. It's a single build under model.

Walnutpie Fri 29-May-15 12:22:20

An oven that cleans itself?! faints

rabbit123 Fri 29-May-15 12:56:25

We have a Neff integrated oven that came with our house. It's great and very easy to clean unlike my old oven

ThereIsIron Fri 29-May-15 13:16:33

Neff B1422N0 Single Electric Oven, Stainless Steel bought 9 years ago for £399. Cooks great and easy to clean.

bilbodog Fri 29-May-15 13:30:05

Aga all the way - self cleans as well. heart of the home.

SlinkyB Fri 29-May-15 19:28:41

Yes, Bosch double oven (built under), about £700 fitted two weeks ago. Quiet fan, cooks evenly and looks good. The touch controls are taking a bit of getting used to though.

Flomple Fri 29-May-15 21:59:02

Zanussi one that's a Which best buy. About £400. Completely converted me to electric, it's so much more responsive than they used to be, and the which report says it's almost perfect at keeping a consistent oven temp.

It's the first oven I've ever owned that actually cooks chips etc in the time it says on the packet. I kept burning stuff at first! Maybe this is normal though, and I've just had unusually old/crappy ones in the past.

Walnutpie Sat 30-May-15 10:52:20

Flomple is this the one?

Flomple Sat 30-May-15 12:26:38

Blast, sorry no, mine is a whole cooker. Oven and cooker are synonymous to me, I forget that other people have posher kitchens! Sorry to have wasted your time OP.

Walnutpie Sat 30-May-15 13:17:37

You haven't wasted my time at all, I googled zanussi which best buy oven and straight away found the one in the link above, which looks to me like the front runner in my search!

Yorkshiremummyof4 Sun 31-May-15 20:19:51

We have an aga which also heats the kitchen, not sure if I could go back to a normal oven x

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-May-15 20:23:02

I'm about to order a really nice Neff self cleaning one with a hide and slide door. Let me see if I can find a link.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-May-15 20:24:33


SlinkyB Sun 31-May-15 22:01:24

envy at your Neff Viva

Qwebec Mon 01-Jun-15 00:51:54

General Electric evolution, 15years, cost second hand 100$
I love it. convection oven cooks faster and at a lower temp, ceramic top (no coils) easy to clean and can be used ana worktop when not in use, self cleaning oven.

sideshowbob2 Sat 06-Jun-15 17:57:09

i have a zanussi electric double oven and its fantastic, has a timer too, think i've had it at least 8 or 9 years

WeAllHaveWings Sun 07-Jun-15 22:21:01

which best buys are (in order):

Electrolux EOB8741AOX (cons: seen better ovens for baking cakes)
Neff B15P52N3GB (cons: cant fold down grill to clean behind. Didn't know you could do that in any oven, need to check mine!!)
Zanussi ZOP37902XK (cons: only one shelf)
AEG BP5304001M Pyroluxe Plus (cons: you may need to experiment to bake the perfect cake)
Neff B44M42N3GB Cons: Nothing massive
Zanussi ZOB35301XK Cons: Door gets very hot behind the handle, only one shelf supplied

you can sign up to which for 1 month for £1 and see the reviews (I signed up last week when washing machine went bang)

Mines is a Bosch Bosch HBA13B253B, not a huge oven but had for 6 years now (replaced kitchen 4 years ago but kept oven), and although not a best buy gets good a good rating and I am happy with it (although it says its self cleaning that is only the sides/back, the bottom/shelves still need cleaned).

HormonalHeap Mon 08-Jun-15 13:58:45

Have 2 new Miele ovens and have to say they are great and so easy to use, didn't even have to read the manual, as you turn the dial for the different options, it's self explanitory!

Also have settings to clean themselves so no cleaning required.

WhoisLucasHood Mon 08-Jun-15 14:04:26

£30 Halogen oven. Also self cleaning but will fit in the dishwasher. I have a sparkly clean unused fitted oven and use the halogen every day.

littlemissmuggins Mon 08-Jun-15 14:08:13

No. It's an Aga and I can't wait to get rid. PITA.

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