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Decluttering - stuck on handbags!

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Jemster Mon 25-May-15 19:36:19

Help, I'm making good progress on decluttering my wardrobe, I've filled a big bag for the charity shop & am feeling really good about it. Most of the stuff has been crammed inrhe wardrobe for years & not worn!

I'm now looking at various bags, again many of which I haven't used for years. I just can't seem to get rid of any as they are decent, if slightly dated, leather bags & it just seems such a waste of money.

How many bags do other people have & how do you decide what to get rid of? Also how do you store them? I haven't got a very big wardrobe. Thanks

TandemFlux Mon 25-May-15 19:41:38

The joy was in buying them/using them. So which ones now genuinely fill you with joy?

Jemster Mon 25-May-15 19:54:21

To be honest I hardly use most of them but I just think oh that might come in handy one day so I'd better keep it. I only have 2 or 3 bags that I frequently use. What if I regret chucking the others out at a later date..

TandemFlux Mon 25-May-15 21:17:54

When was the last time you used them?

Can you just hang on to your favourite unused bag and charity shop the others?

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 27-May-15 11:29:51

If you're really undecided I'd box them up and stick them in the loft, with a date on to be opened in 6 months time. If you've not missed anything, take it straight to the charity shop. DO NO OPEN THE BOX.

We did this about 6 months after we moved. Three boxes still not unpacked so we figured we didn't need them. That was 4 years ago and I've STILL not missed anything! God knows what was in there.

theowlandthebear Thu 28-May-15 21:35:29

Have you read the Marie Kondo book OP? Her method works particularly well for bags imo.

I have only kept the bags that I really love, the 'oh that might come in useful, what a waste of money if I threw it away' bags all went to the charity shop.

BeCool Thu 28-May-15 21:46:21

Yes Marie Kondo would advise holding each bag and thanking it for all the service and style it has provided you with. Then release it into the world (charity shop) so it can fulfil its destiny to be loved and used by another. grin

I have:
1 leather handbag for daily use.
Backpack for picnics etc with kids
One cross body smallish bag I also use when out with kids.
1 leather handbag I don't use that I'm giving to my sister.

I could do with a going out bag but I don't go out much. I borrowed one from a friend last time I needed one.

All the others have gone.

specialsubject Fri 29-May-15 11:16:33

never use the things, they are so annoying and impractical. If I don't have enough pockets in my clothes for wallet, phone and keys, I take a small rucksack. I also have a rucksack style handbag which does for smarter occasions.

one of many very good reasons not to have a brickphone, they don't fit in pockets!

perhaps keep one and ebay the rest. That will tell you their actual value.

Passthecake30 Sat 30-May-15 07:39:21

On the flip side. ...I actually regret getting rid of lots of bags about 5 years ago as they've all come back into fashion. If you personally like them, like the colours, sizes, pockets. ..I'd keep them.

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