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Miele Complete C2 Powerline Plus bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner.

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pieinthesky123 Sun 24-May-15 18:34:22

The above model is currently in Argos on offer at 99.99 reduced from 229.99. We have reserved it as I have heard great things about Miele. However it's not the Miele cat and dog model I covet.

We have two cats and two dogs and both me and dd have long hair. I have a turbo brush attachment tool on my current Vax cylinder model which I use on the stairs and sofas etc, but before long the brush attachment stops rotating and needs to be cleared of hair etc. We hoover downstairs daily and upstairs every 2/3 days as the pets are not allowed upstairs. We have carpet upstairs and carpet/laminate/tiles downstairs. Our current Vax isnt coping as much as I wanted it to. All the pets are groomed daily outdoors to help reduce the shedding indoors. On Friday evening after vacuuming thoroughly (or so I thought) dd was lying on the lounge floor in front of the TV in her dark school uniform and when she got up she had loads of pet hair on her tights, pinafore and sweatshirt. She needed brushing off outside shock and rollering with a sticky roller thing much to her protest.

We empty the hoover every other use and dh washes out the cylinder parts and filter probably every month, maybe slightly more often.

Does anyone have any experience of the model we have reserved and will it cope with our home? Or should we consider the Miele cat and dog model? I don't want to replace the current model only to find its replacement is at best, equal to our Vax that we have now.

Thanks for any feedback.

rabbit123 Sun 24-May-15 20:37:12

That's a very good price for a Miele! If you have hard floors, it will be fine. But it you have carpet, you will probably need the turbobrush that comes with the Cat & Dog.

You can buy the turbo head separately though so if the cleaner is on sale, it could be cheaper to buy it at £99 and then get the turbobrush separately on the Miele website.

The bags & filters on a bagged vacuum last a lot longer than the bagless. I only have to replace the bag on ours about once every 2 months and the filters on mine only need changing once a year. It has a red indicator on the side of the filter to tell you when it needs replacing

rabbit123 Sun 24-May-15 20:40:11

The great thing about the cat and dog is that it comes with 2 floor heads - one for carpet and one for hard floors. It also has charcoal filters so there's no pet smells coming from the machine.

On our cat & dog, the turbobrush is essential for cleaning carpets.

pieinthesky123 Mon 25-May-15 01:13:36

Thank you for the information. I thought it was a good price too. I have just had a quick look on the Miele website at the accessories and tools. I agree with you that we need the turbo brush attachment as we have a carpet in the lounge which the hairs stick to like crazy.

The Miele website is selling a cat and dog model for 200.00 which isn't much more than the Argos bargain price plus the cost of the turbo brush. So I will compare both options (cat and dog on Miele website versus argos model plus buying a spare turbo brush separately) seeing as there isn't too much of a price difference and bearing in mind that they are built to last. It's good to know about the bags and how long they last. I will be glad to not have to empty another bagless model, it's a messy job.

rabbit123 Mon 25-May-15 12:07:24

Amazon have the Cat & Dog for £169

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