Baking Parchment and Greaseproof Paper - difference?

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GeorginaA Fri 10-Nov-06 15:11:38

What's the practical difference between baking parchment and greaseproof paper - usually shops seem to stock both (and same brand) so I assume there is a difference. Is one less likely to have food stick to it than another? Only I'm still picking out bits of greaseproof paper from flapjacks now...

Flamesparrow Fri 10-Nov-06 15:12:18

Baking parchment is better... don't recall why though!

gingernut Fri 10-Nov-06 15:13:51

Baking parchment is siliconised IIRC, which means it is better if something is likely to stick (e.g. meringue). It is really fab stuff!

GeorginaA Fri 10-Nov-06 15:14:42

Argh! Oh well, lesson learned

<wonders if greaseproof paper is edible and if it really matters if I don't get all this off>

gingernut Fri 10-Nov-06 15:15:29

I've eaten greasproof in the past (may explain a few things...).

NannyL Sat 11-Nov-06 16:44:15

baking aprchment is just SOOO much better and so much more non sticky...

only ever use parchment when cooking!

Loshad Sat 11-Nov-06 22:20:17

about £5/roll

GeorginaA Sun 12-Nov-06 10:38:48

Lol Loshad

Okay, so given that I'm going to buy baking parchment tomorrow, what do I do with my old greaseproof paper?!

trefusis Sun 12-Nov-06 10:40:50

Message withdrawn

NannyL Sun 12-Nov-06 19:40:14

when we were little my mummy used to let us use grease prrof paper as tracing paper

greese proof paper is ok for putting between things so they dont stick together in the freezer!

GeorginaA Sun 12-Nov-06 20:33:40

OOOO tracing paper - what a fab idea - it's getting transfered to the boys' art drawer as I type!!!

NannyL Sun 12-Nov-06 20:54:14

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