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How do I defrost a fridge?

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Sansarya Fri 22-May-15 15:47:05

I know it's a really pathetic question, but I have reached the grand old age of 38 without ever having to defrost a fridge! But DP is away and the back of my fridge looks like the Wall from Game of Thrones so something must be done, and I'd appreciate some tips for making it easier.

Is it just a matter of taking everything out, laying some newspaper underneath and taking the hairdryer to the wall of ice?

JsOtherHalf Fri 22-May-15 23:01:03

Have you attempted it yet?

If not, yes to towels and newspapers.i
Turn it off, and put a basin/bowl of boiling water in it, and close the door.
Replace boiling water when it goes cold.

This should help loosen the ice. I have used a plastic spatula to edge behind ice to lever it off.
I have used a hairdryer too, but that can be more risky - use it on a low heat very far away from the fridge.

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