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looking for recommendations for a new vacuum cleaner please

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Gatekeeper Wed 20-May-15 14:50:43

mine is utter shite (Morphy Ricchards dustaway) on hard floors and not brilliant on carpet either plus is is top heavy so falls over when I am using the pathetic tools

Downstairs is a mixture of hard surfaces- laminate, tiles and lino.
Stairs and landing are carpeted as is my room; kids have laminate and bathroom and ensuite vinyl

We don't have pets and I quite fancy a cylinder this time having had upright dysons and not being over impressed

Looking for something under £150 with decent sized tools

Thank you

KatharineClifton Wed 20-May-15 18:18:29

I'd always go for a Henry now. Had a Dyson and various other brands over the years and none of them were a patch on the Henry. And I believe it will last forever smile

rabbit123 Wed 20-May-15 19:36:28

If you can stretch your budget a little, I'd highly recommend a Miele Cat & Dog. It comes with different floor heads for carpet and hard floors - turbo brush for carpet, suction only for hard floors - so you get the best of both worlds.

rabbit123 Wed 20-May-15 19:37:49

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Wed 20-May-15 19:44:47

Miele. I have an S8340, it's recently survived an encounter with quite a lot of water being sucked up into it.

I wasn't overly impressed with Henry but I realise I am in a minority, I found it had a mind of it's own, it couldn't deal with the stairs well (ours aren't a bog standard straight run though) and it's suction wasn't what I was expecting it to be.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 20-May-15 19:53:44

Meile cylinder.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 20-May-15 19:54:41

I've used a Henry once, I can't believe people like them so much,they are such hard work as the suction is dreadful imo.

rabbit123 Wed 20-May-15 20:32:19

We've got a Henry in a Henry in the garage. The suction is brilliant, but it's 2 settings. It's not so great on low power. I don't like using it in the house though as it's quite bulky and awkward to drag around. The Miele floats along behind you

whattodoforthebest2 Wed 20-May-15 20:38:34

Sebo Komfort cylinder is good for hard floors and carpets, miles better than a Dyson.

JassyRadlett Wed 20-May-15 20:42:15

We ditched our Dyson for a Miele. Never having anything else, it's sublime.

Gatekeeper Thu 21-May-15 13:53:29

thank you everyone; have just ordered a Miele cylinder from Amazon- £144
Can't believe I am this excited about a Vacuum cleaner grin

tinytops Thu 21-May-15 13:55:47

Miele miele miele. Will change your life

Vagndidit Thu 21-May-15 13:58:05

Great choice Op! I Love my Miele more than anyone should love a household appliance.

Gatekeeper Thu 21-May-15 14:01:38

it's going to sit next to me on the sofa when it arrives- dh can go in the utility!

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