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Caple integrated appliances

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GreenSpaghetti Mon 18-May-15 10:43:14

Does anyone have any experience of integrated appliances? In particular fridges and/or dishwashers. Any thoughts good, bad or otherwise? Thanks.

PigletJohn Mon 18-May-15 16:26:42

I have never heard of the Caple brand.

Is it sold in shops, or an own-brand from kitchen fitting companies? Kitchen companies appliances are generally poor quality and value.

I only found two "Which" reviews. One was "don't buy" and the other said "not a machine we'd recommend."

Theenormouscrocodile Mon 18-May-15 23:11:28

We've got a dishwasher & oven & hob by Caple. Got them with our fitted kitchen about 18 months ago. All fine, nothing special but no problems. I've tempted fate now haven't I. grin

GreenSpaghetti Mon 18-May-15 23:39:14

Thanks for your comments both. Hope your appliances don't let you down Crocodile.

Piglet yes, they are kitchen companu brand. I found the Which reviews too. Didn't fill me with much confidence!

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