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decent cheap hoover

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RavioliOnToast Tue 12-May-15 23:43:13

which hoovers would you recommend? I've got a vax atm, had it about 1 year and it's absolutely shit. horrendous in fact. Don't want to spend loads and loads. Don't mind whether it's upright or one with a long tube thing either (Henry type)

I have laminate all downstairs, with just a large shaggy rug in the sitting room, carpet all upstairs (other than bathroom) and carpet on the stairs. I quite like the though jt of a Henry type of vacuum but will look at all suggestions.

thanks in advance! grin grin grin

ancientbuchanan Wed 13-May-15 00:33:27

I have had a vax ( rage ), dyson ( rage ) Miele cat and dog, great, and Henry, wonderful. Don't have laminate so don't know about that. Was persuaded by Henry as all the cleaners at work have Henry ono. He is effective, indestructible, non poncy and cheap. Not sure he'd be my choice if I had v wheezy kids, but with longhaired fig and self is fine.

ancientbuchanan Wed 13-May-15 00:34:06

Dog, not fig!

HelenF350 Wed 13-May-15 02:47:54

I had a Lidl Hoover and it was bloods brilliant! It was better than the £200 Hoover I have now. Wishing I still had it but I left it for my tenants to use. They only get them in once in a while but it was only about £40!

Davros Wed 13-May-15 06:59:34


MrsHathaway Wed 13-May-15 07:58:05

I adore my Henry - was about £100 last year.

Sucks well, easy to switch between brush up (shaggy rug) and brush down (hard floor) modes on the fly, easy bag change and massive capacity. From another perspective, it's quiet and the DC *ask to have a turn*: they used to run away from our old upright.

BigSmilesCheesyPie Wed 13-May-15 09:33:57

For the money I think the Henry is great, who knows how it compares to a Meile but I didn't have the money for a meile and the hoover gets treated dreadfully in our house so I'm not sure that i would have bought a meile even if I had that amount of money in the budget.

The Henry will happily hoover up pretty much anything that is left under the table after messy eaters (including baby weaning and bits of 'accidentally' dropped broccoli).

I also bought the red beater attachment for the Henry which is good for carpets and rugs.

RavioliOnToast Wed 13-May-15 11:49:02

thanks all, will have a look into a Henry, what's it like for getting bits of sock fluff and thread off a carpet? our bedroom carpet is very very low pile but seems to attract all the bloody fluff from dhs socks bellybutton

rabbit123 Wed 13-May-15 14:40:42

We bought a Henry as a garage vac for cleaning the cars and for DIY clean up. It's great. Suction is very strong, easy to use, sucks up anything and everything. The only negative thing is that it's quite bulky to store.

Davros Wed 13-May-15 20:25:31

But it's got a nice face!
You can get those ones that also suck up liquid, wish I'd got one. A friend had a flood when kids didn't turn off taps properly and her Aqua henry sucked it up! I had a Dyson years ago and literally (correct use of the word!) threw it in the dustbin.

ancientbuchanan Wed 13-May-15 22:36:48

Well, it gets white dog hairs off v shabby threadbare bedroom carpet.

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