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Request for refund of poorly cut/ fitted loose covers from a upholstery/fitted covers company refused...

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Monsam6 Sun 03-May-15 13:09:17

Has any of you had any dealings with this company. I have had 3,2 and 1 seated suite for over 20 yrs it was custom made. The frame is in excellent condition and it has been re sprung. Unfortunately the cloth has worn thin and started to split on the arms. So we decided to go the fitted cover route. The process started in December. A consultant came and as I was clear about offer I was interested in I thought it would be quite straight forward. The consultant had wanted to promote other material on different deals. Eventually I got the material. After agreeing it took Almost 3.5 hours for the consultant to do the measurement. I finally received the covers and they were fitted by the consultant. Before the consultant left I had to go out. My 22 yr old was home.

When I returned I was shocked at the appearance they were creased on the skirting and badly fitting. The cost was £1200. I was quite upset. I contacted the head office immediately only to be told that I have to go through the consultant. My concern was that the consultant had fitted and left without leaving any indication that they acknowledged the poor cut and poor quality fit.
I was told that it is for the consultant to decide if there are any faults and I have no choice other than to allow them to try and correct the faults. This is fine if you have little to do. The consultant came back and although was reluctant to accept the fact you can see the skirting of the my sofa and that the arm-ridges are not aligned and there is a lot of slack on the arm chair agreed to do a "report". I was the called by consultant telling me that they have agreed to make the alterations and that Another visit was required for more measurements, the covers will take approx 3 weeks and then time is required for them to be fitted again. I am self employed and need to work everyday. There are lots of very positive reviews about the company. However I am concerned that I am being told that I have to allow them to fix the problem that the consultant made no mention if and for whom I have lost trust. I'm sharing this as I may not be alone and I welcome advice from similiar experiences. I forgot to add that the consultant got my 22yr old to sign that they were happy with the fit of the covers.

wowfudge Sun 03-May-15 15:00:22

Which company? Think you are missing a link. Sounds to me that they are trying to put things right so you need to give them that opportunity. The fact your son signed the form appears to have been put aside so I don't see that is an issue.

Actually £1200 doesn't sound bad at all - the fabric and work involved makes loose covers expensive.

Yes it's a pain when you work to fit these things in but if I were you I would insist the fitting takes place at a time to suit you.

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