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Really important question: How many kitchen cabinets do you have?

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grenedeer Mon 27-Apr-15 22:08:36

We have a long narrow kitchen, and I have a friend with a much smaller square (by metres squared) who seems to fit at least as much into her kitchen because she's making better use of space. Someone else told me that when you get more units in your kitchen, you never end up with empty cabinets, eventually you end up buying more stuff just to fill them up.

We have 10 on the floor and 7 hanging from the wall, not including washing machine, dishwasher, etc. These are filled with kitchen stuff, picnic/camping stuff and children's arts materials (in our house children's arts materials is like 'the blob' for all you science fiction fans, it expands and expands and expands). One wall of our long thin kitchen has the fridge/freezer and the table & chairs so there's never much space to move around in unless you like saying 'excuse me' as you shuffle along past anyone else who's in there. I sometimes wonder if we'd be better getting rid of some of the cupboards, putting the fridge/freezer where the cupboards where and having a bit more space, maybe putting hanging racks or narrow shelves on the wall instead.

Anyone, ignoring my waffling: how many cupboards do you have, is it enough?

mrsmeerkat Mon 27-Apr-15 22:12:54

I have a small kitchen and have one corner and one standard floor cupboard. The rest of the sections have integrated appliances. I have a cupboard under the sink obv

Then one standard wall cabinet and three doubles

I also have a free standing dresser that stores occasional use stuff - vases, crystal, good dinner set.

I think it's enough. I probably haven't made sense

wowfudge Tue 28-Apr-15 19:17:55

Not enough is my answer - two half base units, one corner base unit, two half wall cupboards plus two single full wall units and one double wall unit. We took a large base unit out to get the dishwasher in and added all but the half size wall units when we moved in.

TooSpotty Tue 28-Apr-15 19:23:19

We have 36. grin They are all full.

ThatBloodyWoman Tue 28-Apr-15 19:25:30

2 double wall cupboards,3 double base cupboards,a single base cupboard and a tall unit.
The tall unit has all our shoes.One base unit is cleaning stuff,tea towels,vases etc.
One base unit for pans,baking trays etc and food processor.
Last double base unit for plates,bowls,serving dishes and casseroles etc.
Single base unit for animal food and laundry stuff.
One double wall cupboard for our tinned and dry food,and glasses.
Other double wall cupboard for cereal,cake making stuff,mugs,and tea and coffee making.
'Tis fine!

We only have room for a washing machine and fridge freezer and cooker.

BackforGood Tue 28-Apr-15 19:32:33

Tricky, as I have quite a lot of different shaped ones, and differetn storage things, so counting cupboards doesn't really answer it without the other info.

I have a doubly wide cultery and Untensil drawer, then 2 huge 'pan drawers'
A set of 4 normal sized drawers
10 wall cupboards (not counting the one with the boiler in it) - all of which are tall enough to have 3 shelves and plenty of height.
and 1 wall cupboard that is infront of some pipes so isn't very deep but holds things like spices and cooking ingredients
A cupboard above the fridge/freezer
2 corner cupboards
1 narrow one in space beside the cooker
5 other normal sized ones
a huge 'larder drawer cupboard' (it looks like a cupboard door, but you pull in out and there are 5 or 6 shelves on rollers that you pull out as you need them
and a narrow larder drawer cupboard
a wide cupboard above the wide larder
a wine rack

Don't know what that comes too grin
Have seperate utility with a couple of cupboards in there for washing powder and bits and bobs like that.

LemonYellowSun Tue 28-Apr-15 20:07:52

5 hmm including a set of drawers. Oh and 1 butchers block.

Definitely not enough. Looking to buy a standalone larder.

My kitchen is hell for storage ....

newlark Tue 28-Apr-15 20:13:22

6 high cupboards of varied depths (one shallower one is used for cookery books), 7 low ones and two deep pan drawers under the hob plus the cupboard under the sink that just has cleaning materials and bin bags. We have food stores in 5 of the cupboards and crockery/tupperware/food mixer, vases, mixing bowls etc in the rest. In an ideal world if I had more room I would like a bit more space for bulk storage of special offers - we often buy a couple of months worth of a staple we use regularly when it is on special offer and it gets stashed in the cupboard under the stairs and I forget to check the best before dates...

VolumniaDedlock Tue 28-Apr-15 20:15:17

4 and a set of drawers. we stack stuff high, and get rid of anything that doesn't earn its keep. we don't do "best" anything, or rather we use proper cutlery and decent china on a daily basis rather than store a second set.

TBH though I think we need 6 cupboards, and we are planning a refurb to achieve this.

my sister has a bazillion cupboards, all filled with shite.


One double in a corner (back half hard to get to)
One double undersink
One single for pans etc
One half sized
One set of 4 drawers

3 double
2 single
Shallow high double over sink.

No separate utility but we have a dresser in the dining room for display/rarely used stuff. It's not quite enough, but it does keep us disciplined with regards clutter/stocking up and it actually works really well layout wise. What I'd really like is a bigger fridge and freezer and more worktop.

measles64 Tue 28-Apr-15 20:23:08

I am working with an architect to design a new kitchen, minimal cupboards but a room which is a pantry. Just think how many cupboards I have with pots and pans, dry goods, tins and cake tins etc. all that can be hidden behind a door like they used to do.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Wed 29-Apr-15 18:27:49

We redid our kitchen kast year when we had an extension built - our original kitchen was knocked throgh into the extension to create a kitchen/diner. The kitchen bit is still in the same footprint as before, but we chose to reduce the number of units so that we didn't have any on the walls.

We now have 5 double base units, plus a bank of built in appliances and pull out larders. We also have pan drawers, which are great.

However, the only way this works for us is that we have a big cupboard in the utility room for baking stuff - cake tins etc, plus a shelf in the garage for rarely used items (big le creuset casseroles, serving platter at only comes out at Christmas etc).

We have managed with a much smaller kitchen before - I think we've accumulated far too much crap stuff over the yesrs.

HermioneGrangerHair Wed 29-Apr-15 20:13:43

2 x 600mm 3-drawer units; 1 x 1000mm cupboard, but it's in the corner with sink above, so only about half volume accessible.

2 x 600mm cupboards; 1 x 300mm cabinet; 4 x "bridging" units, 3of which are above the main run, so require steps to access

Food storage is limited, so we never stockpile anything, which works ok for us - we shop regularly and plan meals. I'm absolutely ruthless about non-kitchen things coming into the kitchen -there just isn't the space for them. And its either really tidy, or a complete dump, so it really has to stay tidy - I need that driver.

missqwerty Mon 04-May-15 20:53:56

3 doubles, 1 single, one double corner unit and 5 drawers. Not enough!!

CheshireCait Sat 09-May-15 11:26:08

Bottom presses:
1 double width (crockery, large jugs, slow cooker, casserole dish)
1 1.5 width under sink (normal bin, recycling bin)
1 single (pots, lids, oven trays)

Top presses:
2 narrow (mugs in the one over the kettle; salts, peppers, stocks in one beside cooker)
1 single (cat food, bottles of bubble mix, miscellaneous crap)
1 1.5 width (cleaning stuff)
2 double (more mugs, glasses, kids' plastic dishes; baking stuff, more oven trays, weighting scales)
4 narrow glass fronted ('nice' stuff - pretty espresso cups and things that sadly rarely get used at the moment)

Full height presses:
1 narrow (sweeping brush, brush and dustpan, iron, firelighters, matches, plastic bags, buckets - it's the utility room!)
1 double width (all food (except what's in the fridge!) and small appliances; also has spice racks on the inside of both doors)

4 standard (cutlery; utensils; dishcloths; chopping boards, grater and other crap)
4 narrow (medicines and plasters; miscellaneous stuff; spare lightbulbs; spare batteries and chargers)
4 deep (plastic boxes; cereals, picnic gear)

vienaa Sat 09-May-15 17:20:25

At the moment we have a galley kitchen 10 tops and 6 bottom ones, I do have under counter fridge and freezer a 5 burner range oven dish washer, i don't like clutter on my counter top so everything apart from kettle sugar/tea and coffee containers everything is in a cupboard... come end of the year (when extension is finishing) I will have 16 units plus massive Island....

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