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Spices / spice rack... How do you store / arrange yours?.

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clr2014 Tue 14-Apr-15 17:31:36

Mine are at the back of a cupboard in ice cream tubs and they are doing my head in. PLease inspire me...

OinkBalloon Tue 14-Apr-15 17:42:35

Currently have a couple of carousels with Schwartz jars, one on an inside corner of the work top, one in the cupboard above. OK, because it uses an otherwise not very useable space, but all the twirling to find what I need annoys me.

Previously had same style jars in a 3-tier wooden rack on the wall (one that gets no sunshine at all), which I prefered as I could just reach out for what I needed without leaving my working area.

midnightmoomoo Tue 14-Apr-15 18:00:11

In alphabetical order! grin
I have a four tier rack which is fixed to the inside of a bottom cupboard door, spices together and then herbs....all in order, of course! It's one of the best bits we added to the kitchen when we bought it, only a Schrieber one, nothing fancy, but I get loads in it, it's handy but not in the way.
Before this we had a revolving one on the worktop which was fine but in the way a bit.

HelenF350 Tue 14-Apr-15 18:19:25

I put mine in an old shoebox and arrange them alphabetically in it. Was fed up trying to find them in the cupboard. This way I can take them all out at the same time and fine what I need easily. Should really get a proper box/rack but the shoebox does just fine x

owlonabike Tue 14-Apr-15 20:38:48

Mine are in a box in the larder. Got fed up having to take each one out to read label, so wrote contents and use by date in permanent marker on the top of the lid. Works well, especially with black on orange lids.

owlonabike Tue 14-Apr-15 20:40:20

Would love a proper rack, but have very little counter or wall space.

Horopu Wed 15-Apr-15 02:02:04

Magnetic pots on the side of the fridge.

Qwebec Wed 15-Apr-15 02:20:37

oh the spice business...

tried containers in a cupboard: they all become a mess
tried the magnetic containers: they rusted and I had to carve holes to get the spices out

Now I have something great. In my 1950you s house there was a wall mounted ironing board int eh kitchen now converted in a buit in spice rack: bliss

any mounted spice rack is great: you get to see at a glace what you have, nothing falls on you, you don't need to sort though all the spices each time and you don't buy extra nutmeg because did not see the 3 containers full of it you already have.

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 15-Apr-15 08:50:31

Spice rack on the wall but not happy with it. We have very few empty walls in our kitchen and the spices are behind the saucepans. Right pain.

Those of you with spices in boxes - Sainsbury's own herbs and spices have the name of the spice / herb on the lid as well as the label.

schoggi Wed 15-Apr-15 09:03:09

In a drawer. Deep enough so that the jars can stand upright. Name of spice/herb written on the lid.

spicespicebaby Wed 15-Apr-15 09:09:13

Like this

spicespicebaby Wed 15-Apr-15 09:09:50

In a drawer with IKEA inserts for the jars.

spicespicebaby Wed 15-Apr-15 17:24:51

I mean, the drawer has inserts, not the jars...

Misty9 Wed 15-Apr-15 18:22:44

In a spice rack, but not enough room and annoying gaps which are just too small for another jar. We had them in a drawer once and that was perfect. In fact I might have to liberate a drawer...

Purpleball Wed 15-Apr-15 18:25:23

I got a 4 tier rack from Amazon for about £15 and screwed it to the back of a cupboard door. Took 5 mins and an electric screwdriver (was either that or get DH to use his man wrists)

StayGoldPonyBoy Wed 15-Apr-15 18:28:31

In a drawer arranged by country of origin/cuisine so DH doesn't put cumin in my bolognaise when he's spooky fuckering about hmm I get flat topped jars so they fit nicely.

SwedeDreams Wed 15-Apr-15 18:29:54

The Ikea drawer version above. Very happy with it.

mateysmum Wed 15-Apr-15 18:31:23

I have a shallow cupboard that is no use for pots and pans, so I use it for spices which are all in airtight plastic pots in alphabetical order, followed by herbs in alphabetical order. I buy spices on line in 100g packs as I go through them before they go stale and it's cheaper. I started doing this when we lived in Dubai and just carried on. We have a curry maybe once or twice a week and I make from scratch.

OneTwoManyLots Wed 15-Apr-15 18:34:11

In spice drawers in dresser.

But the ones I use most I've put some in test tubes and these are kept on the worktop. I saw it on Pinterest and copied it. grin

TheUnwillingNarcheska Thu 16-Apr-15 09:04:18

Exactly like Spicespice laid out in an Ikea kitchen drawer in the spice insert.

Spice where did you get your actual spice bottles from? I have a mismash of jars depending on where I shopped at the time I needed them. Most of mine are cylindrical jars but then I ordered some from Tesco on-line and they weren't the same, they have squared off edges so they don't nestle. <needs a life>

Or have you re-used jars? Washed them out and given them a lovely label? That spice drawer would make me very happy when I opened it. I am a fan of matching labels.

EmNetta Thu 16-Apr-15 11:51:02

I've re-organised mine just this week, separating the use-occasionally's (shoe-box in cupboard) from the use-oftens, now based on wooden wall-display over worktop. Have re-used lots of jars, not just spices, but painted the "on shows" with blackboard paint to exclude light and let them match.

Qwebec Thu 16-Apr-15 15:56:18

A spice rack does not neet to go on the wall. it can go on the inside of a pantry door or on the cupboads panel.

spicespicebaby Thu 16-Apr-15 17:10:41

Narcheska I had been randomly saving spice bottles from various places so when I decided to properly organise and label I choose the bottles I liked the best and had the most of - which were the (black but sadly non-nestling) square Tesco ones - and then went out and bought a stack of the spices I use most of and decanted the contents (I have lots of bay leaves to use up now!). Then I printed a stack of labels and put the jars in alphabetical order. It took me quite a lot of time over Feb half term.

Now whenever I need a little pick-me-up I open my drawer and breathe a happy sigh at the pleasingness of it all. grin DS1 (and in fact the rest of the family) are both baffled and scathing in equal measure but I don't care.

VacantExpression Fri 17-Apr-15 13:53:17

Do the racks that fit on the inside of a cupboard door not interfere with the shelves inside the cupboard? Or is it easy to get around?

TheUnwillingNarcheska Mon 27-Apr-15 11:48:51

Spice sorry I have only just come back to this thread. Thanks for that.

And I am the same! I have a lovely sense of ahhhhh when I open my glass cupboard and there are matching sets (different sizes) and it looks so ocdorganised. grin

I loved all your pretty labels. Oooh I really want to the same!

Vacant I think you would have to make sure there are no shelves in the way, I had to do this with a noticeboard I put in a cupboard and I hung measuring cups inside a door too. Any items would have to be set back to the same depth as the organiser.

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