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Kondo thread 8

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Isisizzie Wed 25-Mar-15 12:02:42

New thread for Kondo addicts.

Sorry I can't do all the links that were on the top of thread 7.

BertieBotts Wed 25-Mar-15 12:14:31

Here's that video which was mentioned on the last thread.

BertieBotts Wed 25-Mar-15 12:39:00

The Q&A starts at 21 minutes.

JKSLtd Wed 25-Mar-15 12:49:31

Hello new thread smile

Iqueen Wed 25-Mar-15 13:24:06

Thank for starting the next 1000 inspirational post, Isisizzie flowers

ShootPeppaPig Wed 25-Mar-15 14:32:39

Joining new threadsmile

defk0ndo Wed 25-Mar-15 15:58:12

Sounds like maybe Gibble you need to get DS to tidy up the washbag stuff? He put it there. You aren't just there to tidy up after everyone, although I appreciate we all do feel that way sometimes!

CoupdeFoudre Wed 25-Mar-15 17:34:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotCitrus Wed 25-Mar-15 17:40:01

Joining! Have sealed up a large box of MrNC's sentimental komono and put it in the loft.
Paperwork seems to have exploded again, but need to get on top of it this week as spare room needs to be empty enough for a lodger at start of April...guess where most of my komono and paperwork is?!

HermioneGrangerHair Wed 25-Mar-15 18:24:20

Oh, thank god for the new thread... I can actually see this one!!!

No Kondoing here, due to being away for work. However, I saw an old friend today, who tells me my kondoing has inspired a mutual friend to have a go: she's obviously excited about getting stuck in over Easter!

Pointlessfan Wed 25-Mar-15 20:13:09

Thanks for the new thread, just in time for the start of the Easter hols when I can get back to kondoing!

JKSLtd Wed 25-Mar-15 20:24:16

I've just listed tonnes on freecycle. Sod the possible money I could make. Some stuff I tried to sell for peanuts on fb and it hasn't gone so free is the way forward.

Already have a few requests for the bob toys. Do you think 'yes please' is a polite enough response? I always try and pick the politest.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 25-Mar-15 22:57:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gibble1 Thu 26-Mar-15 01:44:19

Does indeed need to pick up and put away the toothpaste etc. how to get him to do it without sounding like a harridan is the tricky part!
Got nothing done yesterday as I found a dog on the way home from work and that took me until bed time to sort.
After work this morning I am going to go to the gym then go home and clean the bathroom. I will then walk the woofers and will then go to bed. I have to be up early as DD has a piano exam at 2:30. But, it's walking distance from the house and means I don't need to take kids to piano lessons this evening so I can kondo a little more of her room.
I think the reason that this isn't working for me is because I can't get all the clothes put away because the lazy gits just put them on the floor all over the upstairs of the house and then give me about 8 loads of washing in one day.
All the towels I had kondoed have been put back into general use by DH so I need to sort them again.
What a waste of energy. I need to get the hallway cleared so the dog towels have a place to live. I must start from there smile

CycleChic Thu 26-Mar-15 06:08:15

Gibble, I wouldn't worry about sounding like a harridan- just tell him that he will sort it before X box or whatever fun thing. With the towels, get them out of the house before he can get to them! Or were these ones downgraded to a different use? Watch the q&a part of the video, she gives tips on how to deal with messy housemates.

TipseyTorvey Thu 26-Mar-15 08:43:08

Hello everyone. Marking place as have new born so finding it tricky to contribute much but reading with interest.

I do have a question though; I've now done all but the last two of the categories and although my house is less chaotic and I can actually find things within 5 mins rather than stressing for two hours and then buying another one, I'm a bit disappointed that the house is STILL messy. Clothes especially seem to be on a mission to defeat me even though I Kondo'd all of mine, DC's and DH's. Wardrobes are much emptier but there still seems to be piles of clothes everywhere in various stages of the wearing cycle. Any suggestions? Did I not kondo enough perhaps?

Iqueen Thu 26-Mar-15 10:16:16

Konverts, just as 'work expands to fill the time allocated', similarly, 'laundry/clutter increases in line with the size of the available supply'!

My five children, and a very modest supply of clothes/towels, soon learned that soiled items had to appear in the laundry basket, or nothing happened!

It only took a couple of occasions for them to be forced to wear a grubby/clean floordrobed-creased shirt, or take unwashed smelly sports clothes to school, to train them to make sure that laundry items joined the washing process, only from the basket, and clean items did not get ironed twice! grin

newlark Thu 26-Mar-15 12:16:24

Joining the new thread - overwhelmed with work so no progress made on the last thread - think I need to start again by rereading the book for inspiration!

Gibble1 Thu 26-Mar-15 14:20:13

I queen, I do that but therein lies the rub! We all have the same size socks so the kids just nick ours out of our drawers. Hence the reason DH has gone out and bought new socks.
Oh and joy of joys, my leather sofa is covered in blood. DD's bedroom is full of period knickers. 2+2=5. The dog is having a period! Maybe she'll stop eating books when her season has finished?!
The boxes I brought home from work are about an inch too tall for DD's drawers so I shall trim them down for filling her drawers.
DH and I had a chat this morning (well I sat shouting at him- I even said at one point, I am shouting and I don't know why cause I know you can hear me!) and agreed DD needs a new bed. I also said I want drawer inserts for her wardrobe so think we may be off to Ikea on Sunday. I shall have a look tomorrow and see if there's anything else I want to get too.

Wannabechic1 Thu 26-Mar-15 15:36:55

Thanks for the new thread Isis
Those in Germany might like to know that there may be an option to get the bin men to come with a moving truck and take ALL your household trash, be it furniture, fittings, textiles or building materials.
For 5 euro here in Bonn it seems a bargain and I'll finally know where to throw out old yoga pants and undies.

For those needing to get rid of electricals try your local city hall/Stadthaus they have red bins for that.

I'm stuck in the phase of house a mess and piles of half sorted stuff in the hallways. Im also gaining weight! - could it be a side effect of the stagnation?- I tried sorting lego by getting DS to choose what to keep but finally tipped it most of it in a box to toss out. what a relief

Innocuoususername Thu 26-Mar-15 15:49:13

Thanks for the new thread. I fell of the last one when life got in the way. Books are still not complete, but I did convince DH to have a look at his books, and as a result 2 large bags have gone.

I've also put some baby clothes on Freegle, just waiting for collection. I was going to eBay, but looking at the low prices that bundles are going for it's really not worth the effort. Like JKS I always give away to the politest responder! I know a load of sleepsuits aren't exactly the Crown Jewels, but a simple please would suffice!

JKSLtd Thu 26-Mar-15 17:42:04

Unwanted wii game gone today.
Unwanted MP3 player going on Saturday.
Kids toolbox and tools going next Tuesday.
(Had to laugh at the number of people who must have missed the word TOY in the title and thought they were asking for real tools grin)

Bagged up the Bob toys awaiting response from politest freecycler - wish she'd hurry up and arrange collection though!

Textile bag full ready for rubbish day tomorrow.
Some unsuitable shoe boxes recycled ahead of rubbish day tomorrow too.

Trying to get dd's party booked as well and get my head straight for who's doing what over the next 2 weeks.

ShootPeppaPig Thu 26-Mar-15 19:45:48

Got my papers kondo'd today... And broke the shredder in the process so will be Kondo'ing that and buying a new one hmm

Had a ton of keepsakes amongst it - wedding cards I saved, birth cards, funeral pamphlets, etc - I know to keep this sort of stuff till last but my brain is wondering - where and how do you all neatly store it?

CycleChic Thu 26-Mar-15 22:11:28

I've stuck it in a box in the empty drawer of my filing cabinet for now. It's awkward, not having a place (or the "right" place) to put things, isn't it? We have a filing bench in the hall next to the door. It's currently full of stationary stuff, but I want to use it for scarves and gloves. I just need a new home for the stationary... I have a plastic 4-drawer storage thing but need to empty it first smile

ShootPeppaPig Thu 26-Mar-15 23:16:32

�� that moment when you wake from your early night filled with anxiety that you have some envelopes/stamps sitting on your dresser, NOT in the correspondence drawer.

Yep - Kondo has driven me crazy--but the relief now it's put away is akin to a hot cuppa--

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