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IKEA Pax wardrobes - any experiences?

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DragonfliesDrawFlame Tue 17-Mar-15 17:02:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wowfudge Tue 17-Mar-15 20:31:37

We have the tall Pax wardrobes including a corner one. All the inserts are sturdy - for the money the quality is excellent. I don't think they do the shoe racks we have (rows of shoe trees), but they are brilliant. You might be able to find some online/on eBay. Our 100cm wardrobes have 18 pairs of shoes in each I think.

Chocolateorangegirl Tue 17-Mar-15 20:59:04

Pax cupboards are great! They're really sturdy and hardwearing. Never had any problems with shelves bowing or such like and we have a lot of stuff. Never had a glass fronted door but the mirrored doors are well worth it.

superram Wed 18-Mar-15 07:22:33

I would say don't bother eith glass fronted drawers as most people know which drawer their pants are in. Jewellery tray is lovely if you can afford it but these little things mount up.

Eastpoint Wed 18-Mar-15 07:24:38

They have basket drawers you can use for shoes, more flexible as you can put boots in them too.

SunshineAndShadows Wed 18-Mar-15 07:28:01

Great but don't get the large basket drawee ers - they constantly fall off the runners
Shoe tree fittings are good

LMGTFY Wed 18-Mar-15 07:28:16

They're great, sturdy wardrobes, however they are flat pack and if you move a few times (ie student) they will weaken. Also the shelf isn't quite strong enough to hold a grown man playing hide and seek!!! As they are the only negatives (which are not happening to us, just my stupid brother) I will be buying them again when I move. I found the big pull out wooden drawers to be really sturdy and held a lot of stuff if that helps any.

Fugacity Wed 18-Mar-15 07:30:47

We have Pax in two rooms.

I would suggest building the basic units and then go back for any accessories. I felt that the angled shoe racks wasted a lot of space. Basket drawers are great.

HSMMaCM Wed 18-Mar-15 07:52:39

We have plain drawer fronts which are great. The jewellery tray in the shop looked a bit useless to me.

wobblebobblehat Wed 18-Mar-15 07:58:55

Yes, we have them and they are great.

We have the plain soft close drawers (preferred) and baskets (which are a bit noisier). Not sure I would bother with the glass fronted ones.

ggirl Wed 18-Mar-15 08:15:17

I'm interested in getting in but want to pimp it up a bit by adding trim at the top , do you think that would be possible , is the top perfectly flat?

ggirl Wed 18-Mar-15 08:17:47

wowfudge Wed 18-Mar-15 11:29:23

Yes, just flat, straight edges.

DragonfliesDrawFlame Wed 18-Mar-15 12:35:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mineallmine Thu 19-Mar-15 21:38:28

I have them in two rooms and find them brilliant. I don't like the basket pull outs half as much as the wooden drawers. The wooden ones hold more and pull out far easier (but are much more expensive.)

thenightsky Thu 19-Mar-15 22:01:32

agree with others who say the angled shoe racks are a waste of space. I replaced mine with a basket so I can just throw shoes, boots handbags etc straight in there.

Fourarmsv2 Wed 25-Mar-15 07:32:17

There are white drawers like the tubs in the kids toy furniture. They're great for holding loads.

I love our wardrobes - have added a few pics from when we had them installed. We've got 3 x 100cm and 2 x 50cm. We paid £90 to have the carcasses put up.... Money very well spent!!

Honu Sun 29-Mar-15 19:44:04

We had a large alcove and put 2 x 50m units in the middle and had the builder put hanging rails and a shelf either side. Howden's sliding doors across the front so built-in wardrobes. Looks fantastic. We have wire baskets and they are truly excellent - no trouble with the narrow ones sticking.

Honu Sun 29-Mar-15 19:44:51

50cm not 50m!

Christelle2207 Sun 29-Mar-15 19:56:48

They're good value but mine have been disassembled and reassembled about 3 times and not sure they'll survive a 4th move. Also my xdp failed to get both doors to line up properly and thus both doors are very slightly out of sync. You wouldn't know unless you knew though IYKWIM.

redcaryellowcar Tue 31-Mar-15 08:33:29

They are great, only small problem is they are huge flat packed and we needed an extra long van to get it home

Pootles2010 Tue 31-Mar-15 08:37:38

Yes we have them, they are excellent. I have jewelry tray with a glass shelf on top, then one tub like in FourArms picture (heels and handbags), then one wire basket for delicate jumpers/dresses etc. I can't believe how good they are!

We had ours delivered, because we were getting huge chest of drawers and bedside tables too - £35, and the two chaps very kindly carried it all upstairs for me.

MaybesAye Tue 31-Mar-15 10:13:37

I have 3 big blokes upstairs currently assembling and was hoping for a yay or nay to fitting them to the wall? Tall ones, with 6 drawers in the bottom? They say they have rarely fitted them like that and it would be an extra £40 to do...

TheUnwillingNarcheska Tue 31-Mar-15 10:24:26

Maybe - we have a 4m run of them in the children's playroom (yes I know, huge converted double garage) we have not screwed them to the wall, just connected them all together using the connector bolts that come with them.

TheUnwillingNarcheska Tue 31-Mar-15 10:32:02

Right <rolls up sleeves> I have had Pax wardrobes for 15 years, some of them have moved with us 4 times.

Sadly you cannot get the plastic drawers that were fantastic as shown in the wardrobe pic above by Fourarms

That is what we use for shoes, that 4m run in the children's playroom also holds a drawer each for me, Dh, Ds1 and Ds2 and we put our every day shoes in those.

If I couldn't have the plastic tubs then I would have the wooden drawers. They take more weight than the wire baskets and the nicer mesh baskets. We have lots of the interior stuff, hanging rails and they take a lot of weight, the skubb fabric boxes and hanging organisers etc.

I have, brace yourselves, 6 doubles and 12 singles in the house grin They hide a 32" tv inside a double, the shelves are sturdy and they are well made and cheap.

The only issue ever is, there is no cut out at the back for skirting boards so they come off the wall a bit. You have to think about hinge location x 3 on them when you plan them out, and the backs bow out especially on the doubles. This isn't a huge issue just don't lose anything down the back!

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