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UFYH - the great spring clean

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comeagainforbigfudge Wed 11-Mar-15 09:45:49

A shiny new thread for our soon-to-be shiny homes grin
Spring cleaning time is upon us (or autumn cleaning time depending where you are in the world)

Thought this thread could last through April as well. Given how nobody but the lovely MrsN clocked how far into March it was already
Link to website

comeagainforbigfudge Wed 11-Mar-15 09:50:16

Today's plan

Wash on
Clean, dry laundry away
20/10 bedroom (particular stuff on table as it's going to charity shop soon)
Sand window and door frames (face mask at the ready)
Wash both down once mess made grin

babygiraffe86 Wed 11-Mar-15 10:05:52

My plan was to make a start this weekend, lived in our house a year this week so will be it's first full deep clean (new build) - hoping the short time in means there wont be as much but guarantee once started i wont stop!

babygiraffe86 Wed 11-Mar-15 10:05:56

My plan was to make a start this weekend, lived in our house a year this week so will be it's first full deep clean (new build) - hoping the short time in means there wont be as much but guarantee once started i wont stop!

Mrscog Wed 11-Mar-15 10:11:26

Ooh can I join? Just starting ML today and have 5 weeks to get the house sorted (well 3 as DS1 will be off pre-school over easter). I'm also doing the 2015 in 2015 decluttering challenge this year and I'm hoping to dent that before DC2 arrives!

Mrscog Wed 11-Mar-15 10:12:16

Meant to add - I already use the UFYH app on my ipad, it really helps me keep on top of things sometimes... :D

AdoraBell Wed 11-Mar-15 11:09:13

Thanks for the new thread smile

Lot's To do Today as Tomorrow morning estate agents are coming To do new photos.

Unfuck bathrooms, properly
Unfuck kitchen sides
Put various bits of detritus away
Wash up breakfast things
Freeze pancakes
Hope new dishwasher arrives before dinner things need washing uphmm
Plan and prep dinner -head too full with house stuff To think of a meal plan
Vacuum upstairs and stairs
Eat lunch
Unfuck packed lunch Tomorrow, for DDs
Unfuck phone calls/ emails
Unfuck my nails
Collect DDs from school
Unfuck kitchen floor
Crawl into Bed.

All with one eye almost shut because of a peski mosquito. And somewhere in that the dogs'll want feedinghmm

ZingNinjaRoll Wed 11-Mar-15 12:44:38

Thanks for the new thread. About bloody unfucking time!

I've been organising my yarns. DD and BabyZing (still) are unwell, so nap time in a minute.

We need to spring clean. Building work could possibly start in about 5 weeks!shock

RaspberryBlonde Wed 11-Mar-15 21:48:26

Place marking even though very little unfucking is being done here and we are away next week.

Sorry to hear about the poorly households; I'm currently the only non sniffly one here! DD and DH both miserable with colds, which leave you to guess which is moaning more!

ZingNinjaRoll Thu 12-Mar-15 07:47:51

so far rasp - you are?

ZingNinjaRoll Thu 12-Mar-15 07:48:11

but YANBU!grin

AdoraBell Thu 12-Mar-15 16:07:37

Everything on my list is unfucked, other than my nails but I'm in too much of a rush To bother.

Shiny new dishwasher arrived yesterday which meant I had To be home all day. Now I've got cabin fever so I'm offskigrin

Today I need To unfuck a bit of shopping then dinner and packed lunches for Tomorrow. Thank Fuck it's almost Friday, and DD2 doesn't have To be at school for athletics úntil mid day on Saturdayhmm. <reminds self that sport is a good thing>

Hope all your sniffies Get better PDQ Raspberry

AdoraBell Thu 12-Mar-15 21:34:27

Shopping's unfucked
Washing towels unfucked

DDs ignored my repeated instruccións To bring their washing downstairs so they now have the choice of washing it themselves, or not.

RaspberryBlonde Thu 12-Mar-15 22:18:05

Fair point Zing! grin. Happily all a bit better today, hope your two are as well.

Main job for tomorrow sorting out packing.

cikecaka Mon 16-Mar-15 06:29:56

Morning ladies!
Have been very Ill with a chest inf, have visitors tomorrow so loads to do! Just marking my spot for tomorrow

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 16-Mar-15 15:48:24

Oh poor you cikecaka! You on the mend now?

I'm just popping in to catch up.
Wallpapering is done so painting starts tomorrow. No unfucking being done until the room is done I feel. but progress continues claps hands excitedly

MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 16-Mar-15 16:21:15

I've been productive today, so far I have:

Got 2 bags of clothes & pushchair ready for baby sale
Washed dishes
Filled a bag of my clothes which I no longer fit/wear for charity
Vacuumed downstairs
Sorted out a box of paperwork & found my personal documentation
Booked a solicitors apt re sorting out amending my will leaving it all to the cat!

So not bad for a day's work, now on sofa drinking tea.

MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 16-Mar-15 16:34:01

comeagain I'm going to be painting the woodwork soon, do I need to strip the woodwork first or just clean and paint over the top?

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 16-Mar-15 16:41:04

I'm no expert!
We are doing a fine sanding down of all woodwork (bit bumpy in places/can see drip marks) then damp dust. Leave for a day, damp dust again to catch what might have settled then paint once wood dry.

I reckon some actual experts might be around on the diy boards though grin


MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 16-Mar-15 16:57:35

Thanks I will follow your method as that's what my mum does anyway. I thought I might have to strip the paint as we are decorating to sell the house so if it doesn't sell I know who to blame...!

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 16-Mar-15 17:28:28

Your mum... wink

AdoraBell Tue 17-Mar-15 13:35:07

Hope you feel better cikicaca the chest inf I picked while on hols in Blighty recently knocked me sideways for near on 3 weeks so I don't recommend lot's of housework unless you really are as strong as a horse Today.

So far I've unfucked the floors downstairs completely ignores the fact that the kitchen is downstairs dusted wooden bits and Vacuumed rugs/carpet, Emptied noisy vacuumy thingy.

Bins unfucked as it's collection day
Breakfast and packed lunches unfucked
Bed sheets unfucked

And I have located the missing lunch bag that DD1 gave To me last week and so has no clue of it's whereabouts. It's in the Middle of her floordrobe.

Dog feeding still needs unfucking as does errands and odd bits, coffee first thoughwink Anyone else want one brew

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 18-Mar-15 08:55:04

Hello! Can I join you all? My house is in serious need of unfucking. Like, REALLY badly.

I have 2 dogs, a toddler, and a DH. Out of these, DH is by FAR the messiest.

Working this morning but will try and do the following this afternoon:

- remove random saws / drill bits / industrial sized battery chargers from house and put them... somewhere.
- unfuck bathroom (serious - it's GRIM)
- vaccuum stairs (noticed large piles of dog hairs in the corners...)
- try and get another coat of paint on DS' new wardrobe (neighbours were taking it down the tip because one of the knobs fell off. £350 wardrobe. Madness).

Right, off to find Mrs Cog's 2015 decluttering challenge - that looks right up my street.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 18-Mar-15 11:34:21

BabyZing is 8 months today. and spring is coming and we need to start getting ready for building work.
so I am officially at breaking point and being so fed up with state of house and life generally that (being exhausted or not) I must do something now.
starting today.

i need to declutter and get organised and tidy this fucking shithole pigsty house.
I have no energy at this point to shout, beg and scream at kids to help during the week, so fuck it I'll just get on with what I can

step 1 - I have jyst emptied clutter out if cot in little kids' room so BabyZing can sleep there during the day (which means I can be in any other room of the house and get things done).

I am not planning ahead. I can not bear to plan another thing & make an effort trying to achieve it only to be stopped and get frustrated.
I so have had enough that. I'm fucking fed up having to forever wait for everyone and everything to comply and feel trapped and feel I'm a bloody salmon struggling to swim upstream.
I can't it's exhausting.

so no more planning days and weeks ahead

Carpe Fucking Diem!smile

oh that felt goodgrin

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 18-Mar-15 11:37:20

step 2 - wonder around aimlessly in the house, deciding what to do next (done)

step 3 - <facepalm> (done)

step 4 - making brew then sit in sunny corner to ponder about step 2 (pending)

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