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free to good home--Dirt Devil dust bags and vacuum belt

(2 Posts)
Westendgal Thu 12-Feb-15 09:44:21

I'm having a clear out and just found these. I no longer have the machine itself. I have a pack of 5 + 1 "Genuine" Dirt Devil bags item no: DD3010347001, and a belt no: BLT030.

They would be cheap to post, so PM me.

BTW, I still use a very old model of Dirt Devil and it does not use bags at all. These are for a different model.

EmNetta Wed 18-Feb-15 14:45:25

Just to say thanks again, Westendgal; bags and belt arrived safely today and now tidied away in Vaccuum Box. So kind of you to pay postage too - Three cheers for Mumsnet!

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