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Best mop for Limestone Floors?

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Eastwickwitch Mon 02-Feb-15 11:44:19

My Villeda is worn out. Is there anything better out there?
Installers told me not to use steam.

WittgensteinsBunny Wed 04-Feb-15 10:43:46

Is your floor treated with something? Is that why he's said not to use a steam mop? Are the tiles smooth or uneven? We have an uneven sandstone floor, which we keep clean with regular brushing / hoovering and then either washing with an e-cloth or scrubbing with a stiff brush (occasional deep clean with very weak bleach solution) or steam clean with a shark steam mop. No ill effects in 2 years, but as I said, we didn't treat the stones. I've just ordered an e-mop string mop as I find both of the above methods far too labour intensive and the steam mop quite light on its cleaning ability. Will report back on the string mop!

If your floor is smooth, I love the deep clean e-mop, which you can use with just water if there's a problem using chemicals on your tiles. I use mine with method floor cleaner (the wooden almond one) on our wooden floors. It works really, really well. It works great with waster too but I like the smell of the cleaner. They also do a hard floor mop and squirt (no oil), which I haven't used but would probably be ok for your floor.

Eastwickwitch Wed 04-Feb-15 12:22:24

Thanks for the reply Wittgen
It has been 'sealed' and I do remember them saying that's why I shouldn't use steam.
I've just bought an e mop too, much oddly seems to work with just a bit of water.
I've also used it with Method Wood (also the almond one) and it was great.

WittgensteinsBunny Wed 04-Feb-15 12:37:48

Thought that's what it would be smile The e-mop is fab on smooth floors. I recommend it to everyone!

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