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Cleaning Oiled Wood Floor - best hoover/mop thingy?

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MsMittens Fri 30-Jan-15 10:00:01

Just had new flooring put in and would be interested to know how you clean your wooden floors.

Obviously a sweeping brush and then a mop are potential options but truth but told -- I am a lazy sod -- I prefer an automated option ! So any recommendation for whizzy devices to a) do the sweeping bit (or could I just use a normal hoover without risking damaging the floor) and b) a good mop?


shovetheholly Fri 30-Jan-15 10:56:34

I just hoover mine a couple of times a week.

They do occasionally need a mop, but I wouldn't do it too regularly, i.e. not every week! You need to be very careful which cleaner you use, because many will take off the oil. On Amazon, you can buy WOCA stuff, which you apply with an ordinary mop, then mop again to remove most of it. It contains oils that condition the wood and look after the surface. It costs ££ but really works.

Queenofknickers Fri 30-Jan-15 11:57:57

Try Bonas mop and cleaner - allegedly what the British Museum use!

MsMittens Fri 30-Jan-15 22:19:35

Thanks - have ordered the WOCA cleaner and will investigate the Bonas Mop! Don't want to ruin the floor after spending a small fortune on it.

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