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can i get whiteness without buying something?

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nutellawithbananas Tue 27-Jan-15 18:55:34

So my usual way of getting whites white has relied on the power of sunlight - but not a good option now in winter. Ideally I don't want to go buying a load of stain removal products - is it possible to lose food and general grubbiness stains (toddler!!) with my current household products?
I have bio powder, non-bio powder, bleach, vinegar, regular soap and washing up liquid.
Most of the stains are washed in stains - i.e. have washed before in a 40 degree wash with non-bio, so is it worth doing them at a 90 degree boil wash? Or is it too late if the stain has 'set' which most of them have?
I've never actually used the non-bio for clothes because I was worried about my DS's skin and a reaction - if I use that am I right in thinking it should never be used above 40 degrees? Could you do a bio powder wash that gets rid of stains, then another wash in non-bio would get rid of the effect of the 'nasties' in bio powder?
I have also never used bleach on clothes - how do you use it to get things white - in the washing machine or soaking. If soaking whats a good ratio - I don't want it to 'eat away' the clothes?
I keep seeing good things about vinegar on here but don't think that has a stain removing power does it?
Any advice from knowledgable experts is welcomed...
If you all tell me I need to go buy those stain removal type powders then I can - but would prefer not to fork out on more products if I don't need to.

agoodbook Tue 27-Jan-15 21:54:58

Right- I shall have a go!
Washed in stains done at 40º - soak with vanish , (or bio soap powder or biotex) with hot water out of tap for about an hour, then wash at 60º with bio - you can always do an extra rinse if you feel happier to do that.
I use bleach on clothes, but only on white areas , and only on 100% cotton . I fill a large washing up bowl with cold water, lay out the item on the sink so there is only one layer of material , and then drop a small amount of neat bleach very carefully on the stain ,and allow it to spread across the whole of the stain ( I have rubber gloves on, and move it with my finger smile Leave for 30 seconds or a minute, ( it may well have a purple ring around it) then rinse by plunging it into the cold water. Rinse with more cold water, then wash as normal.
I wouldn't soak stuff in bleach unless it was all white - its called bleach for a reason smile I also use vanish soap and spray on occasion- but usually before washing on a fresh stain
Good luck- I have been recommended fairy liquid on tomato sauce stains, but haven't needed to try yet

e1y1 Wed 28-Jan-15 10:14:38

Try bio powder soak. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that bio powder causes skin reactions. I believe the UK is the only country that sell bio alongside non bio - other countries have just bio (and even at that in UK only Persil, Fairy, supermarkets own brand and some Eco brands have non bio) Daz, Surf, Bold and Ariel only have bio. So i would say try bio soak.

EmNetta Wed 28-Jan-15 13:46:13

My washing's all much better (and much cheaper) since making my own powder. This is based on soap and usually has a vinegar rinse, which I think does help with stains as well as being a fabric-softener.
Some old stains have disappeared lately, so I'd definitely recommend a quick rub with any old soap to shift stains (before using any old washing-powder; whichever smells best).

123upthere Wed 28-Jan-15 13:52:27

Marking place

nutellawithbananas Wed 28-Jan-15 20:21:42

thanks folks - appreciate some ideas...
I'll start by soaking the stuff in the bio powder...
Then do a 60 degree bio wash
Then if stubborn stains left - dab with bleach direct.
Thats the plan of action for this weekend... will report back after the weekend wink

agoodbook Wed 28-Jan-15 20:29:30

Forgot to say- if the stains are bad, put the stuff in to soak and leave overnight , it may help! smile good luck

nutellawithbananas Tue 03-Feb-15 21:50:11

Just wanted to update this and say that bio powder has worked! Not perfectly but well enough to bring quite a few things back to a reasonable level that I'm not embarrassed to dress my DS in again!
I soaked overnight in bio and then washed at 60 with bio again. Decided to try a vest and it didn't cause any eczema or skin reaction so maybe it isn't quite the evil product I'd been warned against using on a baby...

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