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Pillow recommendations? Happy to spend a bit of money

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MrsBloop Sun 25-Jan-15 13:42:09

Looking to renew our bedroom pillows, can anyone recommend some decent quality brands or shops? Not looking for cheapest possible, but something that will last. Not a fan of feathers!


WingsClipped Sun 25-Jan-15 15:59:50

The Tempur pillows are amazing. DH had one to help as he suffers from back issues and we eventually replaced mine with a Tempur as I kept nicking his one! They are pricey but last years and years without going flat or lumpy so saves you from buying expensive down pillows which still need replacing every year or two.

charliewolf Sun 25-Jan-15 20:55:08

Dunlopillo latex pillows are fabulous and last for years.

neversleepagain Sun 25-Jan-15 22:46:45

I second Tempur. I bought one about 8 years ago and it is still in perfect condition. It has a removable cover for washing. I paid £80 almost 10 years ago and they are around £120 now but definitely worth the money.

scousadelic Sun 25-Jan-15 22:51:05

Sorry to butt in but aren't Tempur pillows quite hard? I have a memory foam shaped thingy that supports your neck and it is much harder than I would sleep on

I'm watching with interest as I am desperate for a good pillow too

ggirl Sun 25-Jan-15 23:17:16

I had a temper one , the one for side sleepers , I prefer the ikea memory foam one . Tempur one got too squishy ..i like em hard ;)

Armpitt Sun 25-Jan-15 23:17:49

i like Dunlopillow Serenity

itiswhatitiswhatitis Sun 25-Jan-15 23:19:57

Dunlopillo latex (about £50 from John Lewis) Not going to say how long we've had ours but suffice to say they have done very well over time

WingsClipped Mon 26-Jan-15 13:15:51

There are a couple of types of the Tempur pillows, there's a shaped one which we don't like. We have the traditional looking ones which have a variety of firmness. It really thick and cushiony when you sink your head into it. Offers really good support.

evertonmint Mon 26-Jan-15 15:46:55

I love my Tempur one beyond all reason. It's the first time a pillow has been neither too firm nor too flimsy and I sleep soooo much better than I ever did before.

I find Dunlopillos way overstuffed (my MIL has some) and end up sort of rolling off it whereas I sink into the Tempur but feel completely supported.

spottymoo Mon 26-Jan-15 19:19:17

I have spent a fortune on pillows over the years the best ones we've had are primark ones £7 a each have kept their shape and bounce

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