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Mildew how do I get rid of the smell from books

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JamNan Fri 23-Jan-15 08:05:06

We are moving to a lovely new home. Our current rented hovel house is very damp with black mold and rising damp and it stinks of mildew. I have used vinegar and baking soda to great effect not only to clean the mildew off our furniture but as a deodorizer too. BUT I can't use it on paper and books. Does anyone have any ideas? I have had to throw so many of our precious things away but I would like to try and save some of our books.

Also, am I in danger of transferring mildew spores to the new house which incidentally is in very good condition?

Any tips gratefully considered. Ta in advance!

shovetheholly Fri 23-Jan-15 11:59:59

I had the same problem in a rental place (it also made me really it). I'm glad you've found a lovely dry place to move to.

I got some of that mould spray and put it on a white microfibre cloth that I'd wetted and then wrung out so it was only a bit dry. Then I wiped the top and sides of the pages and left the books out to dry completely for a week. I'm sure this isn't an approved way with book conservators, but it worked for me, even on some old early C19 books. Getting them back on the shelves is a bit of a job, though - they expand when left out!

Bear in mind that the mould spray contains bleach, so keep it away from coloured boards etc.

shovetheholly Fri 23-Jan-15 12:00:15

really ill, not really it, DUH!

JamNan Fri 23-Jan-15 13:10:23

Oh thank you shovetheholly, any idea what the spray is called and where I can buy it?

I have found that Fabreeze is really good for fabric and wood surfaces. The mold has made us ill too.

shovetheholly Fri 23-Jan-15 15:54:41

It's such a horrible problem to deal with. In my case, it was from a dreadful flat which had single glazing and no heating. Every time I had a shower, there was steam everywhere. I opened the windows while showering (and froze), but it simply was too cold for the water to dry out in the winter. I spent most of my time there wrapped in a sleeping bag trying to stay warm.

I think it's shocking that landlords are able to charge people to live in places that are frankly unhealthy like that. In my case, they were headbanging Christians too! Clearly their faith didn't extend so far as providing tenants with decent living conditions! I ended up with horrendous (and lifelong) asthma as a result.

The spray I used is called Blitz that Mould - but there are several ones that are equally good around in big supermarkets. They contain bleach so you need to be careful around carpets, furnishings and clothes - but they will kill spores so you won't be transporting them into your new place, which will hopefully be much nicer and warmer.

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