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Will a double feather duvet fit in a 9kg washing machine?

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ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Sun 18-Jan-15 19:44:08

That's it really....

Micah Sun 18-Jan-15 19:54:20

I wouldn't be so worried about the washing machine, as the tumble dryer.

Feather duvets need tumble drying or the feathers flag together and it goes lumpy.

I'd just take it to the laundrette if you can.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Sun 18-Jan-15 20:11:44

I tried it in the dryer as its upstairs and it seemed to fit....
If I manually turned it every now and then would it work?

We don't have a spare duvet and there's always a queue in a weekend for the launderette. It might have to wait until spring when I can get the lighter duvet out.

hiccupgirl Sun 18-Jan-15 21:18:13

I can wash my 4.5 tog king size feather duvet in my 7kg washing machine but it won't spin it - the one time I washed it I had to leave it to drip dry for 3 days but it was fine afterwards.

I take the 9 tog one to the dry cleaners and they do it for £12. Better than blowing up my washing machine!

justabigdisco Sun 18-Jan-15 21:30:16

Yes it will. I can fit a king size feather duvet in my 7kg machine.

mousmous Sun 25-Jan-15 21:45:29

I had to wash my single 12 tog duvet last week thans dc and it dried fine on the airer (don't have a tumvle dryer).
a shake now and then but it plumped up nicely. dried in less than a day (washed in the morning, back on the bed that evening)

TheFutureMrsB Sun 25-Jan-15 21:50:03

Pop some tennis balls in the dryer with the duvet and they will stop the feathers clumping together. I remember my mum doing it years ago when washing my feather filled coat!

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