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Greasy head mark on sofa

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pilates Sun 18-Jan-15 11:07:20

Any ideas how to get rid?

WowOoo Sun 18-Jan-15 11:22:31

What's the material?

Soapy water, stain remover, leather cleaner - have you tried these yet? How recent is it?

A throw?!

pilates Sun 18-Jan-15 12:18:11

leather been on for a little while i think

poorincashrichinlove Sun 18-Jan-15 12:27:11

My MIL puts a hand towel behind FIL's head when he sits on the sofa. Apparantly this greasy head issue is a problem that mostly affects men. No idea how to get rid of it though, sorry

eddiemairswife Sun 18-Jan-15 12:43:12

That is why the Victorians had antimacassars.

Roseannie Mon 19-Jan-15 14:44:04

I had this on an armchair which I acquired from my dad (it was his fav chair and was a super recliner and when he died my dm was chucking it out because she couldn't bear looking at the empty chair) so I took it...complete with greasy headmark.We were actually shampooing carpets in the house at the same time and used the cleaning liquid solution that we used for the carpets and the stain came off completely...looked like new and still does actually 12 yrs later.So,my answer is carpet cleaner.....sorry I could have just said that and made it a much shorter postblush.

Roseannie Mon 19-Jan-15 14:44:53

Oh I have just seen yours is leather.Mine was fabric.

Kittykat7 Mon 19-Jan-15 15:11:59

Maybe try a grease & oil stain remover. Wipe after with a damp soapy cloth then use a damp cloth to rinse.

pilates Mon 19-Jan-15 15:55:56

Thanks Kitty, I am going to try a grease remover from one of those magazines which gets chucked through your door. Not holding out much hope though.

olbas Mon 19-Jan-15 16:47:28

Goggle leather degreaser, I tried to link but it wouldn't co-operate!

Kittykat7 Tue 20-Jan-15 06:23:16

You uses to be able to get Stain Devil for grease & oil in the supermarket. Not sure if you still can. Also something called Sticky stuff remover works work too.

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