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How do you decide how many family photos to display & where are they displayed?

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Jemster Sun 18-Jan-15 10:49:35

I've got so many photos of the children & frames of various sizes. It's starting to look a bit too much I think but I love them all and find it really hard to put them away in a drawer. We've got a couple on the wall in living room, several smaller ones on shelves, loads in kitchen in photo holder & several in our bedroom.
Please tell me what you do so I can get some ideas to make it look better.

mumblechum1 Sun 18-Jan-15 10:51:10

I'm afraid mine are all in my home office. All over the walls. I don't really like to see loads of family photos elsewhere.

HoggleHoggle Sun 18-Jan-15 10:54:31

I love family pics. I have a very tidy house (control freak) but family pics are everywhere, all diff sizes etc.

We have lots of bookcases so I put most of them on there. Also one wall in living room.

If you want to de clutter could you buy similar frames for your favourites and create one wall of pics? Or put them up the staircase? I might do this myself, as they're then not in the main body of the house but you'll still see them all the time and usually staircases are quite boring anyway.

Bartlebee Sun 18-Jan-15 11:03:58

I am not keen on frames on surfaces.

We have some on our kitchen wall in mismatched, but same colour frames. A bit like this, but less structured.

FantasticMrsFoxx Sun 18-Jan-15 16:41:39

I've got a couple of these from Homebase running up my stairs. Also available in white.

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