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Do I need both a food processor and a stick blender?

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ladyruskin Mon 12-Jan-15 13:04:23

My stick blender died a death over Christmas and I have been wondering whether to replace it or not. It had lots of attachments, some more useful than others. The most used were a stick blender bit and a 2-beater whisk which removed the need for a hand mixer. I have looked to replace it with the same, but Dualit no longer make one with the 2-beater mixer.

I have got a food processor, which I can easily use to liquidise things and whip cream etc. due to the countless (currently underused) attachments. My question therefore is do I actually need to replace the stick blender? It would mean having to buy a stick blender and an electric 2-beater mixer, therefore taking up more space. I don't currently have the food processor out on the counter (the gap between the counter top and the wall units isn't big enough) but we are due to get a new kitchen this year and I am hoping to incorporate an 'appliance garage' to have it ready for action at all times.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I'm also trying to declutter!

wowfudge Mon 12-Jan-15 13:10:28

Imo yes. You can put a stick blender directly into the pan you have cooked soup/sauce, etc in. With a food processor you need to decant hot liquid into the bowl first. I also find a blender gives a better result (smoother) than a food processor. My stick blender comes with a mini processor/chopper which is great for small amounts and things like herbs and nuts.

What about a stick blender and sort of stand mixer with food processor attachments? They are not cheap, but could be a way of cutting down on bulky equipment.

ladyruskin Mon 12-Jan-15 13:40:57

Thanks. I'm not sure I could justify replacing the food processor withe a stand mixer though! I might just get a cheap stick blender as I agree that the results are often better...

MrsHathaway Mon 12-Jan-15 13:51:21

I rarely use my food processor - for things like coleslaw mainly. It lives in a cupboard all the time so it's a faff to get out.

I love my stick blender. It is very easy to clean because you just clean the end of it and the pan you were already using, rather than having lots of food processor parts to clean separately as well as the bowl thing and the pan you started with. I have an electric hand whisk (with whisk and dough hook attachments that go in the dishwasher) which again lives quietly not taking up much space six days a week.

However, if in a few months you'll have your food processor out all the time, I'd say get a £5 stick blender from the supermarket to tide you over, then use that all the time.

ZenNudist Mon 12-Jan-15 14:14:39

IMO yes you need both. I used a FP for years without knowing it would be a lot easier if I used a stick blender. It's a PITA transferring liquid to the FP.

plummyjam Mon 12-Jan-15 16:52:48

We've got a Bamix. It comes with a variety of blending attachments and also a mini food processor. Quality is really good. Won't solve your problem of no hand whisk but it does get used very often in our house.

I'm also trying to declutter this year but kitchen equipment is one area where most stuff tends to get used regularly so we can justify having lots of gadgets.

ladyruskin Tue 13-Jan-15 08:57:19

Thanks for all the suggestions. Am going to go away dreaming of one day owning a Bamix!

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