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What do you do with shoes???

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CheshireSplat Wed 07-Jan-15 09:02:37

We currently keep lots of shoes (all DH's, all of minevthat I wear at least monthly and DD's 3 pairs) stacked on the bottom shelf of a console table in our small hall. The pile is a couple of feet high and a right mess which confronts anyone who walks into our house.

I was wondering what everyone else does with shoes. I could probably move some shoes upstairs but there isn't enough space upstairs to keep DH's shoes. For everyday shoes, I'm too lazy to return shoes upstairs to correct places so storing them upstairs isn't really an option. Are there any nifty storage solutions for about 20 pairs of shoes? What do other people do?


iamthenewgirl Wed 07-Jan-15 10:03:58

IKEA shoe cabinet?

EmNetta Wed 07-Jan-15 14:02:34

My hall furniture's an Edwardian hat & coat unit, but the underneath space (designed for umbrellas) now has two "towers" from a hanging shoe unit - there would be space for two more, but I now have a box for boots/sandals in summer in rest of the space. I think the mirror at the top draws the eye from the shoe arrangement, and at least it's tidy.

HermioneGrangerHair Wed 07-Jan-15 14:05:01

We each keep our own shoes in the bottom of our wardrobes. Yes, we tend to each have a pair in the hall, dumped there when we come in, but if anybody leaves more than two pairs out, somebody (yes, me!) has a screaming hissy fit and they all go back in the wardrobes.

WowOoo Wed 07-Jan-15 14:08:33

We have a Monk's bench. It's a narrow seat with a tall back and lots of storage space under the seat. It's a bit like a tardis and easily holds 20 pairs of shoes.We got it from a furniture charity shop and I sanded and re varnished it a few summers ago.

There are a few on ebay according to Dh.

dementedpixie Wed 07-Jan-15 14:21:52 - we have this rack in the hall

CheshireSplat Wed 07-Jan-15 15:16:36

Thanks everyone! Hermione, I bet your house is tidier than mine. I don't have your discipline. And Wow I had been thinking of something similar - do you have trouble finding matching pairs?

PigletJohn Wed 07-Jan-15 15:54:34

I had a left-over kitchen unit, it is meant to be a wine rack cupboard, but is about a foot deep and is divided into box sections. You can put a pair of flat shoes, or one biggish shoe, in each partition. Mine has a walnut finish which looks OK in the hall.

HermioneGrangerHair Wed 07-Jan-15 16:03:43

I'm trying to have a tidy house, Cheshire, but some things work better than others. Still like the krypton factor trying to get in my side of the bed hmm

WowOoo Wed 07-Jan-15 17:14:30

Sometimes it's hard to find a pair if they are at the bottom. But our most worn ones are at the top.
I actually sometimes sit on it to open letters....but wish it wasn't usually covered in my empty shopping bags, gloves etc.

Lunaballoon Wed 07-Jan-15 22:16:07

We have something like this on the inside of our cupboard under the stairs. It keeps some of the shoes out of the way, but it's still not enough!

BoffinMum Thu 08-Jan-15 13:20:24

I got a carpenter to build in a cupboard under the stairs especially for shoes and related detritus. Haven't looked back.

Mrsgrumble Thu 08-Jan-15 20:18:58

Some in ikea trones (they are cheap and lots of uses)

Some in a wicker basket under the stairs

merlehaggard Thu 08-Jan-15 20:24:17

I've also got a shoe cabinet from ikea (Hemnes).

bigbluestars Thu 08-Jan-15 20:39:01

Too many shoes to keep downstairs- DD has 18 pairs alone- and there are 5 of us in the house. The smell in the porch alone would keep intruders at bay!!
There are usually no more than 3/4 pairs downstairs, the damp or muddy ones waiting to be cleaned. The rest are kept in bedrooms- bottom of wardrobes or cupboards.

If anyone has more than one pair downstairs at a time they are told to take them upstairs.

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