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Easy to maintain flooring for kitchens and bathrooms?

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JenniferJen Mon 05-Jan-15 09:35:37

We are about to have a new extension and will be having a new Kitchen and bathroom.
Been talking about flooring but haven't really found anything that we both agree on.

Want the easiest to clean and maintain as we have a very messy family of 6 including baby and toddler.

MIGHT have underfloor heating put in the kitchen but depends on cost, waiting for the quote.

Thinking tiles but the ones in my downstairs toilet room collect dirt in the grout and you have to get on your hands and knees to clean it. It will be a very large kitchen/diner and not really an option to clean on hands and knees all the time! We actually have a scooba but that doesn't cope too well with the gaps either.

GertrudePerkins Mon 05-Jan-15 09:40:45

we have this tileloc in our bathroom

had in both bathrooms in out flat and loved it so much we put it down ASAP when we moved. I am aware MN frown on any form of laminate, but a good-quality, professionally fitted laminate looks fine and is as low maintenance as you can get.

JenniferJen Mon 05-Jan-15 14:21:34

Hi, thanks. Bit confused as you say Laminate but the link says Lino?

Lunaballoon Mon 05-Jan-15 14:24:38

Go for a dark coloured grout like charcoal grey if you choose tiles. Looks better IMHO and doesn't show dirt at all.

dementedpixie Mon 05-Jan-15 14:27:24

we got kompact klick flooring in our kitchen. It is not as cold as tiles but seems durable - no grout either

we got cheviot stone

dementedpixie Mon 05-Jan-15 14:29:10 - doesnt need gluing down either

JenniferJen Mon 05-Jan-15 17:42:48

That flooring looks great! i will show my partner and see what he thinks. Thanks grin

MrsMook Mon 05-Jan-15 23:02:14

I like vinyl, warm, things don't break on it and no dirt traps.

JenniferJen Tue 06-Jan-15 12:20:59

I like Vinyl too MrsMook but OH not keen sad I think it's so easy to clean like you say. And tiles are so cold and will break stuff when we drop it (which we will!)

MrsMook Tue 06-Jan-15 21:31:53

I don't worry when my 1 year old helps me empty the dishwasher!

BoffinMum Thu 08-Jan-15 13:30:59

Kwik-Step laminate is easy to lay and easy to maintain. We put some in a kitchen 15 years ago and it is still looking like new.

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