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Muddy outdoor clothes storage

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SaucyMare Wed 31-Dec-14 16:03:18

Space is tight but i need something to air outdoor clothes on to dry ready for tomorrow (can't wash them all every use)

I thought a clothes horse but they take a lot of space once folded out.

What do other people use?

attheendoftheday Wed 31-Dec-14 18:58:58

We hang ours over the backs of chairs near the stove. Probably not the sophisticated solution you are looking for!

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Wed 31-Dec-14 19:10:52

I have some hooks on the inside of the back door ( in the kitchen). Then extra hooks over the cupboard doors in the hall.

SaucyMare Thu 01-Jan-15 09:46:28

Thanks for your thoughts but i saw a concertina clothes horse, all my doors have windows in so nowhere for hooks (a very old dark house trying to spread the little light around)

ClimbingFramePlanningEnquiry Thu 01-Jan-15 09:53:21

What about a ceiling airer by the back door/wherever you come in from?

I struggle with this too, and will use the porch once it is built (probably).

SaucyMare Thu 01-Jan-15 17:40:55

The trouble with a lovely old dark stone cottage, the ceilings are far to low to hang anything from.

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Thu 01-Jan-15 20:55:17

How about those over radiator washing things?

DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 09:49:52

One of those fold down bar things for coat hangers that are often used for ironing? Wall mounted

DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 09:51:28


DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 09:52:57

DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 09:54:32

This was my first thought, but obv not at that price

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