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My washing machine leaves grey powdery muck on things

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plipplops Mon 29-Dec-14 14:03:03

I've got a Bosch washing machine. Inside the hole left when you take the drawer out to wash it it's really grimy and gross, and often maybe one or two items per load get grey gunk on them, it looks like a line of maybe dried washing powder or something, maybe from the rubber seal?? I've tried using detergent you put in the drum as opposed to the drawer but it doesn't seem to affect the grime inside the drawer hole (I always put fabric conditioner in there). How can I stop it getting so gross? I always leave the drawer open to dry too...

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Dec-14 14:07:32

How often do you take the drawer out and clean it?
Do you clean the bit where the drawer goes? I spray all around the inside with foaming bath room cleaner to dissolve all the slime, leave it to work while I wash the drawer.

dalmatianmad Mon 29-Dec-14 14:12:32

Watching with interest!

My Bosch often does this for no apparent reason.
I keep it really clean so cannot understand where The grey powdery stuff comes from?

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Dec-14 14:14:42

Is the machine emptying properly?
Have you checked the filter and the pump?

My sister's machine was doing this, there was a hairgrip in the pump mechanism.

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Dec-14 14:16:08

Also - you need to dilute the fabric softener as it leaves a slimy residue.

ilovepowerhoop Mon 29-Dec-14 14:17:06

take the drawer right out and clean it. Clean out the bit the drawer goes in. I use bleach spray and an old toothbrush before wiping the inside bit with a cloth.

Clean out the filter. Run a hot wash with soda crystals and then another with vinegar to help shift any build up of powder/grime. Clean around the rubber seal too

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Mon 29-Dec-14 14:17:50

wash out the drawer, clean the cavity and run a very hot service wash as a first

ilovepowerhoop Mon 29-Dec-14 14:17:54

also use powder instead of liquids as liquids dont leave the drum as clean

plipplops Mon 29-Dec-14 16:12:59

It's emptying and working fine. I clean the drawer fairly regularly (especially if it's looking a bit grimy), but I don't clean out the filter much (it's really annoying you have to empty the water out with a stupid little tube first and it makes a right mess) but I'll definitely do that. 3littlefrogs foaming bathroom cleaner is a great idea, will get some, how do you clean it away though? And my mum always said to dilute fabric conditioner - if you do that do you have to use more (stupid question) - so is it best not to use concentrate?? Does it honestly help??

But then even if I clean the bit where the draw goes, surely the rest of the inside is that minging too? So if I use the soda crystals and vinegar should that do the job??

Why would they design something that gets so gross? The bit where the draw goes (and the draw itself) have so many nooks and crannies that even the cleanest person ever couldn't keep it spotless. Hate this kind of stuff it's meant to be a labour saving device FFSangry

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Dec-14 17:04:47

The foaming cleaner - I scrub the inside with an old toothbrush then wipe it out and pour some clean water down.

Neat fabric softener - is so gloopy hardly any of it will go in your wash, it just sticks to the inside of the drawer area and makes a sticky mess. Diluting it helps it all to run through.

A small bottle brush is good for getting into the nooks and crannies.

Believe me - it is worth doing the regular maintenance! I am guessing you didn't start out with a twin tub and a mangle like me!!!

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Dec-14 17:05:36

Use a shallow roasting tin to collect the water when inspecting the pump.

MissMarplesBloomers Tue 30-Dec-14 08:38:40

I do the longest hottest wash setting every few weeks, nothing added, then clean the drawer out with hot soapy water & the aperture with same & a bottle brush

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