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Nocturnal emissions

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Tzibeleh Sun 28-Dec-14 08:51:33

When your teen has had a wet dream, what do you expect of him? Does he strip the bed and remake, or leave it as is?

pressone Sun 28-Dec-14 12:00:24

Rule in my house was once you got to 14 (applied to sons and daughters equally so the subject was not discussed) you changed and washed your own sheets. Then if the boys want to roll around in their own sweat etc for weeks on end they can, I don't have to handle their sheets and they don't have to know what I'm handling!
If their room gets too smelly - or you've run out of glasses then a swift "something has died in your room, go and sort it out" still works on even though youngest son DS3 is 21.

hiddenhome Sun 28-Dec-14 16:42:25

I bought ds1 a box of tissues once he hit his teens, but he ate them confused

I insist upon fresh pyjamas every night after his shower and fresh bedding every week. I don't look that closely at his bedding, but I'm a nurse and come across far worse at work each week anyway grin

Tzibeleh Wed 31-Dec-14 10:13:26

Ds doesn't wear pyjamas.

Ewww at the idea of letting him decide when to wash his bedding. Ewww, just ewwww! And I'm not even a fussy housekeeper!

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