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boxes for kallax

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afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 10:42:03

Going to be purchasing a kallax system from ikea and just trying to work out which boxes to get!

Would like the cheapest sturdy option tbh, lower ones will be used by dd aged 21 months


CharlesRyder Sat 27-Dec-14 10:46:54

We have had the plastic ones with a grid of holes in the front and they have survived having DSs toys in and him using them.

We have also had many of the very cheap material ones. These are fine for most things and have also survived being played with. However, they would not cope with something very heavy like brio train set or books.

We have 48 holes' worth of Expedit/kallax in total and we are considering more!! Love the stuff- get more than you think you need!

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 10:48:24

Have you ever experienced problems with toddlers climbing up the kallax

This is my concern

Dd is turning out to be a climber. I've just found her stood on her kitchen pinching chocolates off the tree

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 10:50:00

Do you mean the lekman boxes? £8 each?

Can they withstand being sat on etc? They look online like they would shatter?

Hobby2014 Sat 27-Dec-14 10:58:13

Oooh watching. Planning to purchase this system for my sons toys in the next week. Was planning to buy the cupboard door inserts at £8.

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 11:01:27

For some reason I didn't notice the doors were only £8

Hobby2014 Sat 27-Dec-14 11:05:53

I was just thinking they'll look neater, (I'll be straightening the boxes up all the time!), not see through, should last longer. That's my thinking.

The plastic ones with the square holes do look like they'd shatter if dropped but no idea if that's true.

And the fabric / cardboard I don't think will last.

Will be interesting to hear from anyone who has doors.

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 11:06:44

If anyone wants to share a photo of their set up for inspiration that coukd be good too!

CharlesRyder Sat 27-Dec-14 11:07:18

Yes the lekman. Ours have been ok- never looked like shattering. However, DS never stacked them to use as building blocks or anything. Just pulled them out/ put them back. I don't think they'd cope with being stepped on/ sat in etc. The material ones stand up to a bit of being played with. I have photos of DS sitting in one for a racing car.

They do come with wall fixings which are probably a good idea. We have never used them but have tried to put the cases in 'safe' places where they couldn't fall flat to the floor. DS did climb our big one (4x4) a couple of times and received short shrift for it. It never looked like toppling, however, we had it butted up to a big, heavy sofa that filled the rest of the alcove so I knew if the bookcase tipped the sofa would prevent it from going to the ground. DS now has a 4x2 of his own for his toys but we have it on it's side so he can sit on it it is stable.

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 11:07:31

I'm also toying with whether to get two of the 2x4 units or one 4x4 any one any thoughts?

CharlesRyder Sat 27-Dec-14 11:15:01

If you have room I would say have a 2x4 on it's side for DD. It's great for displaying duplo creations on the top, or get book ends and keep her books on the top surface. You get 8 storage holes and a lovely child height shelf for your money.

Then have a 2x4 on it's end for your stuff.

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 11:34:30

That was what I Was thinking of doing Charles

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 15:23:37

Just realised if i buy two separate units there will be next to no space for bigger toys eg kitchen

scrimper Sat 27-Dec-14 16:46:52

we have the cheapest fabric ones and they are much more sturdy than othwr canvas draws etc we have had in the past. my toddler hasn't broken them yet anyway. we have 4 kids and love these. They look neat and tidy too. the plastic ones look ok for a kids room but for downstairs i would go for the canvas if you want cheap or wicker or doors if you are looking to pay more smile

Sunnymeg Sat 27-Dec-14 17:49:55

We have had a kallak system for many years. We got it when DS was about 6 and used the cloth inserts that are surprisingly sturdy. DS is now 13, and we recently bought the doors to change the look of it to something a bit more grown up. The doors are great however they fit in by means of an inner sleeve that goes into each space. They are very straightforward to fit, but they do reduce the storage space on each section. DS had several bits and pieces in storage boxes that fitted in the old sections but are now too big to fit behind the doors.

afreshstartplease Sat 27-Dec-14 18:11:58

Think I'll give the fabric boxes a go if they don't work I've not lost much

erin99 Sun 28-Dec-14 01:23:31

We have the drona boxes. Unit is 7 years old and we've completely replaced the boxes once in that time as they were getting a bit shabby, but that full replacement was only £15 so theyare still much cheaper than the other options. All in all they do the job and have coped fine with brio etc. the heavy stuff goes in the lowest boxes so they are hardly lifted at all.

The drona boxes do seem to hold more than the others, especially the baskets.

Friends have flattish, transparent boxes from a DIY store which fit beautifully, 2 stacked together in a cube. I think they are a great solution.

afreshstartplease Sun 28-Dec-14 07:00:10

Thankyou all

Should be picking mine up today! Fingers crossed it Helps my poor living room

IMeanReally Sun 28-Dec-14 13:05:55

I've just bought lekman boxes. Frankly I think if dropped they may well fall apart because some of them don't seem to have clicked together as well. But I don't think they'd shatter and I reckon you'd be able to put them back together.

Pannacotta Fri 02-Jan-15 21:20:43

Loads of ideas and pics here

youarekiddingme Fri 02-Jan-15 21:24:39

I'm getting this in a few weeks - an 2x4 and. 4x4. I am getting the doran boxes but only in certain spaces and some will be left for decorative bits - photos etc. I'm having it along one wall of my lounge with TV unit and cd stands inbetween.

Am scarily excited as think it looks great!

Marmaladecat1 Fri 02-Jan-15 21:32:29

The dronan boxes are great. They take 30 A4 maths books weight wise!

DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 22:43:12

Don't get lekman. They are very expensive and if you put them together wrong (it is easy to do) then they're impossible to fix. They break easily.

The drona boxes are much better and easily replaced when they get shabby

afreshstartplease Fri 02-Jan-15 22:44:23

Very Happy with my drona boxes ladies!

DrownedGirl Fri 02-Jan-15 22:51:02

Think you might be able to use trofast

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