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Cleaning the glass on the inside of my log fire

(22 Posts)
SilverSnowflake Tue 23-Dec-14 17:31:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leesmum Tue 23-Dec-14 17:33:28

Wet kitchen roll, dip it into cold ashes and clean the glass... Comes up all sparkly fsmile

OhLittleBoreOfWhabylon Tue 23-Dec-14 17:34:41

Dip a damp cloth or kitchen towel in the wood ash and rub over the glass. Then wipe with another clean damp cloth.

Works like magic!

octopal Tue 23-Dec-14 17:35:10

We use wet newspaper dipped in the cold ash too and it is amazing. I've seen stove glass cleaner in places that sell stoves but the paper/ash combo works for us so why bother.

OhLittleBoreOfWhabylon Tue 23-Dec-14 17:35:24

Snap leesmum fgrin

SilverSnowflake Tue 23-Dec-14 18:17:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialsubject Fri 26-Dec-14 11:38:56

we use a worn-out kitchen sponge - the type with a scrubber on one side, don't use it new. Wet it, dip in ash, use that to clean, wipe with ONE piece of kitchen roll.

that is as much abrasion as the glass can take.

Sandthorn Fri 26-Dec-14 14:19:31

Our fitter recommended Hob brite, but frankly, damp tissue and wood ash works just as well.

Woodenheart Fri 26-Dec-14 14:28:53

Damp newspaper scrunched up, dip in ash, & wipe.

Mine still looks as good as new fsmile

Spadequeen Fri 26-Dec-14 14:29:58

Windowlene, though will give the ash ago!

mrsminiverscharlady Fri 26-Dec-14 14:34:20

I wouldn't do it with the ash if there's any coal in it. We made that mistake and it scratched the glass horribly. Cif cream works well as an alternative.

Beachcomber Fri 26-Dec-14 14:34:39

The ashes thing really works. Dip kitchen roll in water, dip damp roll in ashes, wipe. Add more water and wait 20 secs or so for any really stubborn black bits.

Outofyourmouth Fri 26-Dec-14 14:39:27

Oven Pride oven cleaner. Did the glass on mine on Christmas Eve with this and it looks like new.

smaths Fri 26-Dec-14 15:23:17

Ashes and kitchen roll works for us. If it gets really dirty really quickly then it's not burning properly and you should get it checked out. We could have killed ourselves with a badly fitted stove (cowboy builder) that did not have a proper flue and was burning inefficiently

hiddenhome Fri 26-Dec-14 19:53:38

We use Hob Brite.

Freezingtoes Fri 26-Dec-14 20:00:35

We use neat vinegar or a product called big wipes with a little water - you buy them in DIY stores, they are industrial wipes but work a treat.

SandStorm Fri 26-Dec-14 20:07:07

I use oven pride oven cleaner too - works a treat and no effort at all.

piggychops Fri 26-Dec-14 20:14:29

Damp newspaper dipped into the old ash. No need for fancy cleaning stuff.

annabanana19 Sun 28-Dec-14 07:51:31

I use baby wipes with ash. Then kitchen roll to buff it up.

UsernamesSoHardToChoose Sun 28-Dec-14 07:58:03

Cif and baby wipes when bad...

DannyShouldHaveChosenRizzo Sun 28-Dec-14 10:29:33

NEVER use the ash method if you have burnt anything other than wood. The glass will be terribly scratched.
Fairy power cleaner works well. The

DannyShouldHaveChosenRizzo Sun 28-Dec-14 10:30:23

Excuse the random 'the' at the end of my last post!

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