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Sofa covers - stainguard policy cover or much cheaper DIY?

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Marina11 Tue 23-Dec-14 09:57:48

Ordered new covers for MultiYork sofas - previous ones were ripped apart by pets, the chief culprit is very sadly no longer with us ...

Pressure on to purchase Stainguard on top of the cost of covers - would increase the bill by over £200.00. Includes 5 year warranty which now includes stains and accidental damage eg by pets but our present cat doesn't scratch very much now - getting older and wiser!

So, stainguard or simply buying something like Scotchguard? Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Previously, and less than 5 years ago so still in the warranty period, we bought the policy but then it seemed to include only stains. Not accidental damage. The new one includes both, with another company. Huge pity about this but I guess I'm stuck.

wowfudge Tue 23-Dec-14 15:32:55

Do you have accidental damage cover on your home contents cover? If so, check whether it would cover you should the covers be damaged and also the excess. If not or the excess is over £50 then the Multiyork policy could be worth it. No point paying for the same thing twice though.

Also remember an older pet may be more likely to have an accident.

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