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bathroom tiles look grim; best.product?

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minxthemanx Sat 20-Dec-14 09:29:50

Need a fast effective cleaning product to buy and make them gleam! Used to use domestos grot buster but nowhere sells it. Pls recommend v good cleaner v to make tiles look nice!

Southpaws Sat 20-Dec-14 09:30:52

Blitz that mould from Lakeland - amazing!

minxthemanx Sat 20-Dec-14 09:34:51

Thanks for that tho nowhere near a, Lakeland. Need something from.tesco or sainsburys, but will keep Lakeland product in.mind.

TheCowThatLaughs Sat 20-Dec-14 09:58:15

Dettol mould and mildew remover?

TheCowThatLaughs Sat 20-Dec-14 10:00:08

Or a magic eraser could work

ilovepowerhoop Sat 20-Dec-14 10:02:41

second the dettol mould and mildew remover

laurenamium Sun 21-Dec-14 14:59:12

Yes to mould and mildew remover grin it's my favorite cleaning product at the minute sad

minxthemanx Sun 21-Dec-14 19:34:34

Thanks, used the Dettol and it has definitely cleaned up the grimy areas. Powerful stuff - made my eyes water! Strong bleach. Only problem I've got is that it's made the tiles clean but very dull, no gloss on them. Will have to find a way to restore shine. Thanks for your tips.

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 21-Dec-14 20:00:17

The tiles are maybe dull because they've got soap scum on, you could try rubbing them with a microfibre cloth, takes a while but it does work. If it's soap scum you'll be able to see a white residue on the cloth.

Romeyroo Sun 21-Dec-14 20:04:31

The Cillitbang mould and mildew one made my tiles look sparkling new; I was really pleased with it. You need gloves and not your best clothes, though, and an open window!

kippersmum Wed 24-Dec-14 00:26:10

HG Mould spray, wonderful stuff. If you are on the IOM (guessing from your user name) they sell it in B&Q

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