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Major declutter when heavily pregnant – realistic?

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KillerScrabbleScore Wed 17-Dec-14 23:56:35

Has anyone else managed a major declutter whilst heavily pregnant?

I'm 31 weeks and am seriously thinking about bringing the start of my maternity leave forward from 37 to maybe 35 weeks, because after a year of all sorts of time- and energy-munching challenges, our home is now in disarray and I need to sort it.

By the time baby arrives, I want to feel less crowded out by stuff, which we're constantly bumping into and tiptoeing around at the moment (things we've been given for baby, stuff that needs to go in the loft, laundry, Christmas stuff, paperwork, etc). I want the space I'm going to be staring at for most of next year to feel relaxing, calm and organised – not as though I've moved in with someone off The Hoarder Nextdoor, with a newborn (OK, it's not quite that bad, but some rooms are getting close). I don't want the state of my home to make it more likely that I'll get PND, which I had a little of with DS, many moons ago.

In the evenings after work, I'm knackered. On the weekends, I catch up on sleep and spend time with my son. DP is working two jobs to help plug the financial gap next year, so he's not around much to help. I'm thinking that if I go off at about 35 weeks, and assuming I stay healthy and the pregnancy goes to term, I'll have a month or so during which I can declutter and clear out in the mornings, say, and rest in the afternoon. Am I being realistic? Has anyone else managed this? And am I nuts to be contemplating this when I have such a crap (statutory minimum) maternity package through work? It'll mean 'paying' for the possibility of some order with a few weeks less with baby before I go back, when he or she is about eight or nine months.

Please come and tell me if I'm nuts and if this is nesting gone mad, or if I'm actually being quite reasonable – in which case, tips aplenty please on how to make the best of the time and achieve the most significant results, with a huge bump!

Thank you!

ClearlyMoo Thu 18-Dec-14 01:08:56

Oh do try it! I recommend sorting pre baby. You'll never get time after. Just remember your weak ligaments and don't lift too much! I used to stack stuff up then get DH to move it! We have small 2 bed house and I got nursery ready before baby came. Everyone said not to worry as dc would be in with us for 6 months, but I'm so glad I did as it was so quick to move her into own room when time came.

helzapoppin2 Thu 18-Dec-14 09:51:06

Very reasonable! It's also probably your nesting instinct making itself known. You're also factoring in rest. I don't know if you have the same, but, at our local dump/ recycling centre the staff there are very willing to help with any large/ heavy items, just to keep things moving along.
I was hot air stripping old, possibly lead based paint when expecting DS1 which now makes me feel a bit aaaarghh!

Memphisbelly Thu 18-Dec-14 09:55:23

I am 34 weeks and just started doing this, sorting cupboards, crawers, boxes etc. my only advice if you do this is get your dh to put stuff onto tables/sofas for you as i am struggling to bend down/ kneel on floor as the bump squishes everything.
Do one room at a time, I stsrted doing a bit from here there and everywhere and the house was a nightmare but now concentrating on one room at a time I am more in control! Good luck!

bookwormbeagle Thu 18-Dec-14 10:25:40

Defo do it, have a read through the Marie Kondo threads on GH, has been very helpful for lots of people. If you have one room that you could use as a control room, preferably with a bed so that you can pop everything on there to sort through. If you gather up all things to go to the charity shop they will often collect from you if you ring up and book it in. Good luck!

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