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Post builder clean

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Gozogozo Thu 11-Dec-14 20:11:18

Hi I am very worried about moving home after the builders have finished due to bad asthma and a thread I was just reading about the dust continuing to come down for months.
Just visiting the house briefly whilst they are painting has made me very unwell.

I will have to find post build cleaners, but what if that isn't enough? What else can I do to prevent layers of dust infiltrating everything we own, should I hold off on unpacking half of our possessions?


PigletJohn Thu 11-Dec-14 20:50:15

repeatedly vacuuming with a hepa-filter will eventually reduce it. I would also start off using a wet-and-dry canister vac with a cartridge filter and the big paper bags. It will stand up to gritty builders dust, and will have the power to suck it from under the skirting and between the floorboards. You will want to vac lampshades, architraves and on top of doors before you put any furniture or carpets in. Any curtains will need to be washed or cleaned.

I recommend using disposable dust masks (the sort with a plastic valve on the snout) while you are cleaning or disturbing dust. You will want to take off your dusty clothes and wash your hair afterwards. A hat will help. Vac the dust off the walls with a soft brush.

Anything washable, wash it or damp-sponge after vaccing off the loose dust.

An inexpensive brand like Titan will do, if it has a 2-year guarantee it will last longer than the dust does. It is powerful enough to suck up bits of broken brick, socks and pork pies, and will not be damaged by sucking up water. It will be rather noisy but you can use it for the car and garage in future. Buy a spare cartridge filter and spare bags when you buy the vac. If spares are not available, don't buy it, look for another. You can brush the dust off the cartridge, and when badly clogged you can wash it in the sink with a soft brush.

once you have repeatedly dry-vacced, you can wet-mop for the dust stuck to the floor.

Builders dust is very alkaline so I recommend a box of disposable blue nitrile gloves while you are cleaning.

Anything clean you take to the house, leave in large clear plastic bags or translucent crates until you have cleaned. Wipe the dust off the bags and crates before you unpack them.

Gozogozo Fri 12-Dec-14 16:42:40

Thank you PigletJohn for such a comprehensive answer. And Merry Xmas

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