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Pans for induction hobs - recommendations please

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fussychica Thu 11-Dec-14 11:54:07

Just that really. Never had induction before - always gas. I have only one pan which will work on induction. Bit gutted as I have a fairly new griddle pan and wok but looks like they are non runners. Want pans that aren't too heavy but good quality.

fussychica Thu 11-Dec-14 13:16:55

Just to add, not too expensive.

nothingwittyhere Thu 11-Dec-14 13:24:21

I like my Meyer Select large saucepan, here's a set on Lakeland, but they can be bought at lots of shops

CaurnieBred Thu 11-Dec-14 13:34:10

We went for the Pro Cook ones - seem to working well so far (almost 6 months). And they can go in the dishwasher!

piggychops Thu 11-Dec-14 13:36:50

Some of Tesco own brand are ok on induction. Had ours 2 years, used every day and they go in the dishwasher.

RunDougalRunQuiteFast Thu 11-Dec-14 15:43:35

Take a fridge magnet with you when you go shopping - if the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it will work on induction. I have Ikea 365, very reasonable price, are six years old and working / looking fine still.

Choccybaby Thu 11-Dec-14 22:12:19

I've found the circulon stuff from Lakeland pretty good and hard wearing non-stick too.
Go in the dishwasher too

TheNewWitchOfSWL Thu 11-Dec-14 22:22:13

I use the Hairy Bikers range bought on sale from Robert Dyas. So far so good.

Abzs Thu 11-Dec-14 22:31:16

We have Sainsbury's own cast iron casserole hob to oven type ones, some of the Le Creuset non stick and a set of MSR steel camping pans. The camping pans work really rather well, especially for steamed or frozen veg as being thin they heat up quickly.

poocatcherchampion Thu 11-Dec-14 22:46:55

+365 range at IKEA for stainless steel supplemented by sainsburys non stick frying pans.

we made this decision just a few weeks ago and are very happy in induction-panland grin

4yoniD Thu 11-Dec-14 23:00:57

Mind if I hijack and ask if anyone has a good induction frying pan? My Judge saucepans survived my move to induction but my beloved Tefal Jamie Oliver frying pans didn't sad Replaced with a small Stella (Steller)? non stick job and a big cast iron pan and I hate both. Just want a decent non stick fry pan. Has anyone tried the ceramic ones? Some say induction suitable.

fussychica Sat 13-Dec-14 11:47:49

Thanks for the suggestions - have a 365 pot I've never used but will have to bring it in to play if I don't make a decision soon but it's huge! Saw some Judge ones yesterday which were very reasonable and seemed pretty sturdy but can't decide. Not found a great frying pan at all. Saw some nice stuff in M&S and Lakeland but don't fancy braving the stores before xmas so it might be a John Lewis click and collect purchase and hope for the bestgrin

poocatcherchampion Sun 14-Dec-14 18:24:55

sainsburys for frying pan. my one is fab!

EmGee Mon 15-Dec-14 13:19:36

Avoid cheaper induction pans. Mine don't work on certain rings or take ages to heat up. Circulon works well (can often get these in outlet style places) or Le Creuset. Again, buy in sales/outlet. I have some Ikea 365 and they are fine but non-stick so a pain for scrambled eggs!

EmGee Mon 15-Dec-14 13:20:18

Meant to say 'not non-stick'!

LorraineQuiche Mon 15-Dec-14 21:58:28

We tried a set from John Lewis and some didn't work on certain hobs. Traded for these and am really happy with them - they frying pan is super non stick and can throw them in dishwasher.

jaspercat2002 Tue 16-Dec-14 15:14:30

We've had the 'Ready, steady cook' saucepan set for about 6 years since we got an induction hob and they are great. The frying pan that came with the set didn't last long though!

sherbetpips Wed 17-Dec-14 20:46:09

Mine are a mix of Tesco and Lakeland - welcome to induction it's brill! Make sure you buy an induction roasting pan as well so you can still do your gravy from the roasting pan x

RandomMess Wed 17-Dec-14 20:49:56

I went to TK Max with a magnet and bought the sizes I actually use/needgrin

fussychica Thu 18-Dec-14 10:01:12

Just ordered a Tefal Preference Pro frying pan from Amazon as cheaper than JL & Lakeland. Just the pans to go!
Good point about the roasting pan sherbet and TK max Random.
Think I'll try and manage until after Xmas then brave the shops - not sure I'll even have a finished kitchen for Xmas the way it's goingangry so not having pans may not mattergrin

SquirrelSwarm Thu 18-Dec-14 10:06:09

Yes, shop with magnet.
I have an old set of really good stainless steel pans. They're fab. I agree to go for quality and ones you can put in dishwasher. I'd buy them in the sales. John Lewis sale normally starts as soon as the shops close on Christmas Eve and the delivery is quick!
Agree about the roasting pan.
Le crueset also work - we have an omelette pan and some (vairy vairy old) casseroles.
We have an old cast iron frying pan and it works well, which is good news.

Sadly I was unable to justify any new pans when I got mine ;).

Lilymaid Thu 18-Dec-14 10:10:29

I went a bit mad and replaced my copper bottomed pans with Le Creuset stainless steel.
I've got Meyer frying pans, though and they are very good.

Suttonmum1 Thu 18-Dec-14 15:42:17

Search Andrew James Induction griddle on Amazon. It is only 13.99 at the moment. Have had mine over a year and it's like new. 300 reviews on there about it. Seems too cheap, but is miles better than the Le Creuset I used a handful of times on my old hob. I use it at least once a week.

OhHowILoveMyPuppies Thu 18-Dec-14 15:48:12

A set of Judge pans came free with our induction hob 12 years ago, and are still going strong.

Bought 2 cheapish non-stick frying pans from Lidl about 4 years ago, and they're still going strong too.

And we do a lot of of cooking so they've been well tested.

SquirrelSwarm Fri 19-Dec-14 12:58:05

Le Creuset stainless steel are very heavy when full though Lilymaid! Obviously awesome in every other way.

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