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Scratches on laminate

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Sazzle41 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:53:37

I have a very pale speckled grey laminate worktop with x2 two inche long knife scratches. I got a few other & less deep ones off by using a nail file to sand them out but this hasnt worked on the two deep ones. Would t cut be an idea, have dim and distant memory of that somewhere as a solution?? Or anyone else got a tip or idea? The colour match pens to 'fill' scratches that i found thru google were all way to dark a grey ...its so pale a grey its nearly white.

PresidentTwonk Thu 11-Dec-14 03:27:39

Can you get a nail polish to match and at least make it less noticeable? I've done it before with various pieces of furniture/shoes etc. Fingers crossed someone has a magical solution for you that's better though smile

annielostit Thu 11-Dec-14 17:06:25

There's a product called colorfill @ the diy ers that might do it. I've got a couple of chips in my work top too. Have a google of it.

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