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blood stains

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TooHasty Mon 08-Dec-14 13:28:23

Best way to get 'old' blood stain out of cotton?
any ideas, please?

mausmaus Mon 08-Dec-14 13:29:53

soak in cold water + bio powder for a few hours, then wash

chemenger Mon 08-Dec-14 13:32:15

Cold water and soap (a bar of soap like you wash your hands with). The most important thing is the cold water - hot will set the stain and make it harder to get out. Hydrogen peroxide is good too, I once got a blood stain out of a cotton rug with contact lens solution (although I suspect contact lens solution may not have peroxide in it now).

december12 Mon 08-Dec-14 13:32:36

I'd soak in cold water alone first. You can see the blood lifting out.

TooHasty Tue 09-Dec-14 10:57:19

Thanks for the suggestions!
The thing is , it is an old stain that has aleady been through the laundry.

Sazzle41 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:33:33

Put under cold running tap for 5mins then rub solid soap of any kind into stain then rinse under cold water, then put in cold water full of table salt for good long soak. Then do long soak in lukewarm water & washing powder.

If stain still faintly there do soap/cold water again and soak again in washing powder & water.

alemci Wed 10-Dec-14 21:37:21

I use salt on fresh blood stains and cold water.

McSqueezy Wed 10-Dec-14 22:14:27

A bar of soap + water + scrubbing. I got a whole bottle of matt foundation out of my carpet using soap and water. Blood is easy as pie in comparison.

PigletJohn Wed 10-Dec-14 23:02:00

A good tip is to lay a plastic sheet on the floor before your victim comes in.

TooHasty Thu 11-Dec-14 09:33:46

pigletjohn grin

I soaked it for 24 hours in a very concentrated bio detergent solution with a bit of bleach and then washed it at 95, and the results was...... pristine sheets!
Thankyou , all!

DrewOB Thu 11-Dec-14 09:35:57

Vanish works well on bedding, I had many years of washing clothes and bedding stained due to severe eczema and for me it was vanish and if that didn't work, bleach but rarely did I need to resort to that.

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