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Washing machine - conditioner draining too soon

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Eminybob Sat 06-Dec-14 08:47:24

My washing machine (Samsung ecobubble) has just started draining the conditioner as soon as I put it in, going God knows where but the clothes aren't coming out conditioned.

Any ideas what the problem could be? And solution? Thanks.

Eminybob Sat 06-Dec-14 10:16:32


e1y1 Sat 06-Dec-14 14:03:32

I believe normally the cause of this is putting too much conditioner in. As it overflows, it triggers the release of it. It will still be going in the wash, but as its at the start of the cycle, the detergent will be washing most of it out and going through all the rinses.

Eminybob Sat 06-Dec-14 21:54:58

Ahh that may explain it, I put loads in as I bought cheapo stuff that doesn't smell much.

Thank you!

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