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Best Robot Vacuum cleaner (mid-price)?

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SnotandBothered Sun 30-Nov-14 18:28:44

I know I want one.
I know I can't afford £800 odd quid
Can anyone recommend the best models around the £300 mark?

Every 'trusted review' that Google throws up says something different confused


MrsFlorrick Sun 30-Nov-14 19:33:10


I've got one. Got it in May this year and its a bleeding miracle!!

That said I have wood floors throughout downstairs. I occasionally use it on carpet upstairs but it's best on hard floors.
I've never even tried the mopping function.

MrsFlorrick Sun 30-Nov-14 19:34:34

It's about £260. And you can here it here

Although I got mine through Amazon.

SnotandBothered Sun 30-Nov-14 21:55:36

I would mostly use it downstairs which is wood flooring throughout. Will have a look - thank you.

Any more suggestions?
<greedy> grin

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