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gutting the full house and wanting routines to keep on top of it!

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Missqwerty Sat 29-Nov-14 21:58:34

Hi everybody this is my first post, I've been lurking for a few months now and 2 weeks ago I decided to completely declutter my house. I'm hoping to document my journey here and any advice would be fab! Basically I would love to know what routines you all have in place daily/weekly/month etc to keep on top of things? I'm sick of visiting other people's houses then coming home and feeling dispondent about my own- so I'm determined to make my home a place to feel proud of.

I've invested in tons of storage, worked none stop and I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My end goal is that everything has a place and everything is put away afterwards and I'm hoping that really helps me keep on top of things.

So far I have tidied and declutterd my bedroom and invested in lots of ideas to maximise storage and keep the room minimal.

I've gutted the bathroom and bought over the door storage to keep all the bottles and potions tidy.

I've culled all the kids toys and organised them ready for Christmas.

Cleared out both kids bedrooms and got rid of all their old clothing aswell as organising the drawers and wardrobes.

I've decluttered the living room and the kitchen, whiles investing in more over door storage in the kitchen to hide away neatly all my bottles of cleaning supplies.

I've also managed to get to the very bottom of my wash basket mountain and get it all put away.

To say I'm bloody exhausted would be an under statement! I'm now a bit worried that with 2 kids and a messy DP it's going to get out of hand again hmm

Apologies if my post doesn't read very well, I'm still learning the MN lingo so bare with me smile

MILLYmo0se Sun 30-Nov-14 11:52:01

'Kondo' is the answer !!! Join us all on the 'storage is not the answer ' thread up on this board

yongnian Sun 30-Nov-14 12:00:36

Yep, I can highly recommend the Marie Kondo method - it is working utter magic in my house, and I've tried virtually everything over the years.mcheck it out!

Vivacia Sun 30-Nov-14 14:06:15

Hi OP firstly congratulations on your achievement. It seems very rare that somebody posts at the end of such success!

I don't have every room sorted but the daily routines we do have that work for us are,

Bathroom every morning after the last shower the toilet, sink and bath is all sprayed, wiped and dried. The shower screen and tiles are done with the Karcher. The toilet seat and bowl are done with a wipe and a squirt of bleach. If there's time I also wipe the woodwork and radiator down. There are no products left out in the bathroom other than the soap.

Kitchen last thing at night the sides are cleared and wiped down, the sinks cleaned and buffed and the dishwasher put on. If time I'll do the cupboard fronts and handles.

Bedroom aired every morning for as long as we can stand the cold, the bedclothes pulled back and pillows plumped.

Floors if one of us is working from home, throughout the morning we'll hoover and mop the floors. I tend to do either downstairs or upstairs, stairs and landing.

AgentAlice Sun 30-Nov-14 14:39:39

I did a huge de-clutter a couple of years ago, in the main it's pretty much remained clutter free.

Every now and again I do a mini de-clutter and charity shop bits, I also have friends with DD's a size or two smaller that my DD who like getting bags of clothes.

I have also become better at not letting the clutter into the house in the first place, when I am buying something I look at it and really think about whether or not I am going to use it, or if it will eventually end up on the clutter pile. Quite often I have put the item back.

Childrens magazines were a downfall, they are expensive and quite often have toys attached to the front that are fun for a while but end up broken or forgotten at the bottom of the toy box. I tend to buy colouring books and felt tips now instead.

The one in, one out policy is good for some things too. I have also loaned out larger items to friends, this is usually baby stuff that takes up quite a bit of space.

Pretty much every night before bed the kitchen sides and table are clear and the floors are clear of toys and clutter.

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