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I bought a yellow rug from ikea- like a MASSIVE NARNA

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MuddhaOfSuburbia Sat 29-Nov-14 19:30:50

there are five of us of questionable hygiene and two dogs (whose hygiene is not up for debate-ie feelthy)

the rug is lovely- but in a well used living room, and already looking a bit sad

it's flatwoven and says professional clean only- but I know that Ikea washing instructions are generally a bit fibby

since we have carpet upstairs, would it be worthwhile my getting a Vax- ie do they clean flattish rugs as well as pile carpets?


Missqwerty Sun 30-Nov-14 08:59:26

Vac clean flat rugs and carpets smile

MuddhaOfSuburbia Sun 30-Nov-14 09:36:13

get IN

that's my boxing day to NYE sorted

I will be vaxing EVERYthing

wowfudge Sun 30-Nov-14 17:47:42

Blimey Muddha - life on the edge in your house!

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