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Alternatives to Ikea algot/I have no idea what to put in my wardrobe to make it actually work

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punchkins Thu 27-Nov-14 11:36:01

Hi, I was all set to go to ikea tomorrow and buy Algot wall mounted shelves to fit out our big built ins BUT I've just discovered that we'll only be able to use the 40cm deep fittings as there's only 53.5cm of useable space when the sliding doors are open (the bigger size is 58cm). Argh. They currently only have a hanging rail in them which I was going to still use for hanging but add some shelves/wire baskets at the bottom for shoes, folded things. Can anyone suggest alternatives? And if you can suggest a super excellent way of planning the space that would be most appreciated grin

A few crappy (messy) photos to give you an idea....the old bedside table and rails for the twin dd's cots will not be staying!

punchkins Thu 27-Nov-14 11:39:00

And a full shot (MN Lakeland airer included :-)

erin99 Thu 27-Nov-14 23:58:34

Google twin slot shelving or flexi shelving. B&Q, wickes etc will all sell it I think.

I don't think a 13cm gap is a disaster though. I wouldn't want shelves going right up to a sliding door - anything sticking out the tiniest bit will snag. Have you checked the cupboard depth at both ends and in the middle, and at different heights, in case the wall's not straight?

TheBitterBoy Fri 28-Nov-14 17:45:50

You could consider Elfa here We got ours from Clas Ohlson so you could have a look if there is one near you.

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