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Bedroom curtains

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Keenoonvino Sun 23-Nov-14 08:52:26

We are redecorating our bedroom and I am toying with the idea of getting Roman blinds and curtains in our bedroom. We have a big window which has a radiator underneath. What I'd like is Roman blinds with then long, floor length curtains as I think that would look most elegant. But am I being stupid considering this when we have the radiator underneath the window which the curtains would then cover when closed?

Perhaps I will never end up closing the curtains and they will just be there to dress the window? I am rubbish at stuff like this....

wowfudge Sun 23-Nov-14 11:57:40

You could go for Roman blinds with thermal blackout linings and dress curtains. Dress curtains are not full width curtains you can draw; they are purely decorative, framing the window. The advantage of those is that there is far less fabric to pay for.

Or you could go for long voiles with the blinds which won't stop the heat from the radiator from warming the room. Voiles are available in different colours and with different designs if you wanted to go for something more decorative rather than plain. They would also give a degree of privacy when the blinds are open.

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