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Are Australian Queen size sheets the same as UK King Size?

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Kittykat7 Sun 23-Nov-14 02:40:35

I just bought some cotton single sheets from M & S online & they are lovely quality. Our bed is queen size which I think is the same as UK king size. It's too expensive for me to return them if they are the wrong size.

HowsTheSerenity Sun 23-Nov-14 03:33:47

No idea sorry. You could always Google the sizes for comparison.
My UK single and queen size sheets fit my Australian bed.

wowfudge Sun 23-Nov-14 06:52:09

Just found a Wikipedia page by googling Australian bed sizes (so it must be accurate wink) and according to that a UK king size is very slightly smaller than an Australian queen size.

Longdistance Sun 23-Nov-14 07:07:05

I think the Queen size is Uk king size, but different measurements.

Single bed is the exact same size, as my dds bed we kept when we moved back.

Aussie King off the scale HUGE. Dh thought it'd be a great idea to bring our bed back, but it's too big for our bedroom even though I told him to sell it on Gumtree

EarSlaps Sun 23-Nov-14 08:45:08

I use uk king size sheets on our Australian queen size bed. It's a tight fit but they go on ok (have to get the deep ones though as we have a mattress topper too). Then again, the Aussie sheet I use is a tight fit too.

Kittykat7 Sun 23-Nov-14 12:49:00

Thanks it seems Aus Queen is 3cm difference. Single size seems to be fine so I'll just have to buy queen ones here. Cotton ones are so expensive & they tend to sell sheet sets & I only want the fitted sheet.

imip Sun 23-Nov-14 23:25:13

Yes, I use uk king sheet size onmy Australian queen size bed....

rubybleu Wed 26-Nov-14 21:12:57

You'll be fine, Sheridan rebrands their Australian queen size sheets as King size in the UK. I have two Sheridan fitted queen size sheets and they're fine on our English king bed.

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