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How much kids crafts stuff do you have and how do you store it?

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Jemster Fri 21-Nov-14 16:27:08

My dc 7 & 2.5 have suddenly shown an interest in making things, drawing & painting. They are only at home in the afternoons so do quite a bit already at school & childminder. I have a huge box of random stuff under the stairs but it's all jumbled up & is heavy to get out.
We have got an expedit so wondering if I should put stuff in baskets in there?
What does everyone else do and what sort of crafty things do you have?

LoadsaBlusher Fri 21-Nov-14 20:33:54

I store my kids craft things in large transparent clip safe plastic tubs
I think they are designed to hold cakes , bought them in kitchenware section of tesco
I have two large ones full of old greetings cards , junk mail that comes through letterbox ( we cut up the leaflets and stick them into cards , made a great car theme card with the Puegeot Car leaflet!)
Also have the other box full of new paper type things, like stickers, A4 paper from £1 shop
Then my last tub is all the little bits and bobs, safety scissors, glue sticks, sequins, funny eyes, pipe cleaners
The large tubs are the size of a boot size shoe box, actually maybe they are clear boot / shoe boxes ??
The smaller one is square shaped
I keep them stacked inside my side board .

hwhite6 Sat 22-Nov-14 08:51:23

Really useful boxes are great, kid-proof and stack well too.
(Big ones are great for organising your loft! We had to look at 'self storage' for house mods two yrs ago, decided to invest in these boxes as we could keep them after, it's fab, hubby has 35/42l in his garage on shelves, we've got 64/84l in the loft, all sorted now, you can see I them, they stack 4-high happily, getting side tracked, sorry...)

2x 9L boxes will sit on top of each other nicely in one cube of expedit :-)
Hobby craft often to deals on those, sometimes see them in tesco & homebase too.
I got a little cutlery drainer caddy (four 'pods' and handle in the middle, out the pound bit in asda) to put pens, crayons, pencils etc in. That lives in the cupboard and goes on the table for homework & drawing time.

If they are painty (& messy!) kids, then an old shower curtain on the floor under your painting is a great cheap idea too!

IsItTeaYoureLookingFor Thu 27-Nov-14 15:11:27

Bookmarking! I need space for crafts bits n bobs too but just have nowhere to put them!

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