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Your best natural cleaning mixes?

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EarSlaps Wed 12-Nov-14 00:01:26

After moderate success scrubbing the grouting and silicone with bleach and bicarb (yes, I know bleach isn't exactly natural, but it is nice and basic, plus needs must sometimes) I think I'm going to ditch all the expensive single purpose cleaners I've built up over the years. Instead I'd like to get some basic supplies of things I can use for lots of jobs and that hopefully aren't too toxic or harmful to the environment.

I'm wondering what things I need to do that, and what the best recipes for cleaning solutions are?

I was thinking of always having the following-
Citric acid
Soda crystals
Castile soap
Essential oils

Plus good old bleach and zoflora for a bit of power every now and then.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good old fashioned cleaning? I can't wait to be rid of the stinky old Cilit Bang that hurts my nose and hands!

redcaryellowcar Wed 12-Nov-14 00:12:47

Windows are very well leaned with some (ideally) very hot water in a bucket (half full if normal bucket) with a tiny drop of washing up liquid (not enough to make bubbles) and some white vinegar, you then wash windows with this water and dry/ buff them with either newspapers crunched up or a micro fibre cloth? So I would add white. Vinegar to your list?

DeadCert Wed 12-Nov-14 00:21:06

The bicarbonate and bleach got rid of all my mould if I left the paste overnight. Loved that top but lost the thread!!

DarylDixonsDarlin Wed 12-Nov-14 00:27:55

Soda crystals mixed with water and left on for a while cleans the oven quite well. Wear gloves to apply and remove though.

I also chuck soda crystals in the prewash of the dishwasher.

A few drops of essential oil (lavender, tea tree etc) in the hoover bag is nice.

Deffo newspaper for windows, its fab!

Soap nuts work quite well on laundry, apparently you can brew up a cleaning liquid for multipurpose use out of them but I haven't tried it yet myself - recipes on google smile

EarSlaps Wed 12-Nov-14 21:18:32

Thanks all.

We don't get a newspaper grin. I use microfibre cloths for shiny surfaces. I tried soap nuts and never really got on with them.

I already use soda crystals, bicarb and vinegar a lot. I invested in citric acid, borax and some spray bottles today. I've made a loo cleaner with vinegar, citric acid, water and essential oils- seems to work well. Also a brilliant granite cleaner with water, surgical spirit, fairy liquid and tea tree oil. Works brilliantly on my granite and my induction hob. Planning to try an all purpose cleaner too soon.

Cleared a lot of cleaning products off my shelves.

I've been pinning a few ideas on Pinterest.

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