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Hoovering landing

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Liveforthehols Tue 11-Nov-14 22:14:54

I have a new lighter coloured carpet on my landing and stairs, and it shows up fluff from tights and my long hair so I need to Hoover more regularly.

Am thinking of buying a pricey new slimline handheld Dyson, or one of those old fashioned non-electrical carpet cleaners, if they still sell them, (though this won't help with the stairs. )

What would you do?

Monica101 Tue 11-Nov-14 23:28:38

I think a gtech air ram would be perfect for that situation. It's cordless and light and good for a quick vacuum.

NakedFamilyFightClub Tue 11-Nov-14 23:32:41

I have a Dyson animal, I love it. It's light, does the stairs well and came with loads of different attachments. You only get 8 mins of hoovering if the turbo function is on and 15 mins of its not, but I hoover little and often now and it's never ran out of charge as I've hoovered.

The filter is easy to clean too.

mouselittle Wed 12-Nov-14 10:32:16

Have you considered a carpet sweeper? I use mine in between hoovers for sock fluff on my light carpets.

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