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financialwizard Tue 11-Nov-14 12:07:34

Ok ladies my Miele Cat & Dog S7260 has died and the extended warranty will be paying out for a new one. As it is an 1800 watt and the EU have kindly put a limit of 1400 watt on vacuum cleaners I am not living in hope that I can have the same model again sad

So before they come back and say that has anyone got any good suggestions?

I have laminate and tiles downstairs and carpet up the stairs and on landing and in all bedrooms. I need an upright because I have a slipped disc.

PigletJohn Tue 11-Nov-14 14:06:21

the Miele uprights are about the best you can get.

Opinions will differ, though.

financialwizard Tue 11-Nov-14 14:32:26

I loved it which is why I really wanted it fixed as opposed to written off but alas it was not to happen. Although I have sourced a company that still has 147 in stock so if they won't get me one I'll see if I can get a cheque and buy one myself.

rabbit123 Tue 11-Nov-14 20:32:03

Just a heads up about the EU regulations. They've not just capped the wattage, but made it illegal to sell a vacuum that doesn't perform to certain standards. It's entirely possible to create strong suction with a lower wattage. Numatic and Dyson, the 2 best selling vacuums on the market, have been 1200w for years. The new models are under 700w and perform just as well.

The new Miele Cat&Dog will perform just as well as your old one. Miele have redesigned their motors to account for the new legislation so they still perform just the same, if not a little quieter.

High wattage doesn't always equal stronger suction. My 1300w Sebo has way more suction than my Mums 2200w Hoover.

I'd highly recommend Sebo, by the way. Fantastic vacuums and built to last. If you prefer a cylinder, another Miele or a Numatic Henry/Hetty would be good. HenryXtra comes with the Turbobrush if you have carpets and is cheaper than the Miele.

rabbit123 Tue 11-Nov-14 20:34:25

Miele are still making the uprights - the U1. Same design but with a lower wattage motor. Same suction as the motor has been redesigned to meet the same standard as the old model.

If it's still under warranty, go for the U1 Cat&Dog.

financialwizard Wed 12-Nov-14 07:41:49

Thanks. I need an upright due to the state of my back.

Interestingly I didn't know about the performance side of the EU directive so now I feel better about getting a more up to date model.

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